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Who knew socks could be such a huge source of excitement. Well, they are for me, because these socks are proof that you can really live your life without buying any item of clothing that’s not made ethically. You’ve got underwear sorted, sleepwear sortedbras are covered and now even your sock drawer can be sustainably filled too.

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings wants to improve the sustainability of the hosiery industry, and they’ve made it their mission to do so by increasing the quality of hosiery and reducing waste in the meantime. The brand has pioneered a production process that takes post-consumer and post-production nylon waste and uses ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing to produce hosiery that can be recycled at the end of its life. Choose between socks, stockings, tights and so on, in plain or patterned styles.

Phoebe Paradise

Paradise SocksThis Brissie brand is known for its alternative prints inspired by the details of life that are distinctively Queensland. Prints like the one above (aptly named the ‘durry’ print), barbed wire, and moo cow spots are featured across their clothing range, accessories and socks too. The range is small but sufficient, and makes for some fun footwear. Phoebe Paradise socks are made in Australia, and come in at $20 a pair.

NICO Underwear

Nico socks greyBrisbane’s favourite ethical underwear maker has got its foot in the door of the sock market. The range is a lot simpler than the former brand, catering for the classic requirements of your sock drawer. NICO’s sock range is ethically made from recycled cotton, an innovative process that saves on water and drastically reduces CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional cotton. The socks you see here (and in the header), come in white, grey and black. A 3 pack will set you back around $24.


This Melbourne establishment produces a cute little sock range to accompany their seasonal releases. The bright and colourful print bearing socks are responsibly made in Turkey, from 75% cotton. You can pick up a pair for around $12.

Claire Ritchie

Queen of prints, Claire Ritchie, also has some funky footwear on the market. It’s just the one pair for now, but we hope to see more patterns join the range soon. You can shop Claire’s ethically made-to-order socks online here. They come in at $20 a pop.


This Aussie sock maker is producing its woolly wares right here in Australia. The socks range from casual to corporate to sports collections, in bamboo, wool and cotton varieties. There’s lots of fun prints to choose from. You’ll pick up a pair between $12.95 and $19.95.

Humphrey Law

Self proclaimed sock specialist Humphrey Law has had the market covered since 1947. Still family owned and run, the brand opts for natural fibres like cotton and wool, for their extensive sock collection that’s all manufactured in Melbourne. Humphrey Law is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Serious sock enthusiasts will enjoy the following video by Humphrey Law that explains exactly how their socks are made – bless their cotton socks!


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