With the silly season fast approaching, I have been looking around my wardrobe wondering what I’m going to wear to the many social events on the calendar. I decided it was best to rent something because I don’t really have enough booked in to justify buying something new, especially not at the cost of the average ethically made Australian brand. But to my surprise, navigating the world of clothes renting and sharing apps was not as easy as I expected. There’s only a couple of online peer-to-peer options, and they mostly have terrible user-experience and or are not yet in Australia at all. Alas, I have researched and reviewed, and I’ve got your best options here.

1. Outdress App

If you’re looking to out dress your colleagues at the Christmas party this year, this may be your best bet.  Outdress connects renters with lenders in their local communities to hire luxury brands, designer dresses, suits – you name it!  Hit explore and filter by newly listed, lowest or highest price, and most importantly, distance! When I had a look there were heaps of options near me in Brisbane, with the price of a Bec & Bridge or Zimmermann dress sitting around $60-$100 for a week’s rental. It’s free to participate.

2. GlamCorner

GlamCorner is a clothes renting platform for designer dresses. It is not peer-to-peer, so you’re renting the designer clothes from a company that buys the items and manages/ships them out to its customers. The brand says its aim is to support “designer labels by introducing their brands to a larger market while offering a service that empowers every customer to reduce their individual contribution to landfill by borrowing clothing for once-off occasions as a sustainable alternative to purchasing and disposing afterwards.” In terms of shipping and cleaning – GlamCorner includes a prepaid return bag with your item and they take care of the dry cleaning. Sounds good enough to me.

3. The Volte website

The Volte is a high-end designer clothing rental platform. The clothes are a bit more expensive as they’re a bit more exclusive. It is technically peer-to-peer but it seems more like legit businesses have set up shops on there to hire out clothes. The general lend period is 4 days and dry cleaning’s included in your fee.

4. Designerex

Designerex calls itself the world’s first secure designer clothes renting app, by “combining the sharing economy and leading technology such as real-time ID verification,  with high-end designer clothing, enabling women to tap into underutilised designer clothes”. Yay! The prices are mid-range and they have the same designers you’ll find on the other platforms (looooots of Zimmermann to be rented out there!). There is both individual and business lenders on the platform.

5. Lána the Label + Lána the Loop


What started out as a run-of-the-mill clothes renting platform in Brisbane, is now a fashion label and renting platform for maternity wear only. Buy beautiful maternity clothes OR rent nice maternity dresses for special occasions. Awesome concept for clothes that will only fit you for a certain period of time. Not suitable for everyone though.

6. Tumnus

There is no money exchanged on this clothes sharing platform. Tumnus is founded on the belief that everyone should look good, but not at the cost of others. “Rather than spend on cheaper items that aren’t made well, having access to someone else’s incredible clothes they’re not wearing makes stylish sense.” Tumnus literally pairs up people based on size and style and location so that they can share their clothes. It’s a revolution!


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Brittanie is the founder and editor of Britt's List, and an advocate for sustainable and Australian fashion. She loves indoor plants, hot chips, blue cheese, boutique gin and patting puppers on the street.

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