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Queensland fashion labels are up and coming and there’s a few reasons why I love them most. For one, they’re mostly made right here in the sunny state, so there’s no worries about offshore and unethical production. But secondly, they’re made for our climate! I just love that we’ve nailed these light fabrics and summer dresses so we’ve actually got something to wear in Queensland’s all-year-round sunny season.

1. Phoebe Paradise

Phoebe Paradise

Super fun punk brand Phoebe Paradise popped up in Fortitude Valley last year and has been wooing crowds with its funky designs ever since. Designer Phoebe Sheehy has created a style somewhere between Dangerfield and nineties classics in shirts, skirts, swimmers etc. Would you just check out these durries, VBs and mud crabs, mate?

2. Jericho Road

Jericho Road makes beautiful patterned dresses, shirts, skirts and pants for the state’s print lovers. They opt for bold, bright colours and patterns so it’s not for everyone, but a nice addition to the wardrobe to mix with your staple items.

3. Maiocchi

This Brisbane boutique set up shop almost 20 years ago and now operates out of its three boutiques in Brisbane, 60 wholesalers around Australia and of course online. It’s inspired by Japanese culture but the design is very much fitting for Queensland with light fabrics and summer dresses and skirts. Since day one Maiocchi has been ethically produced here in Australia.

4. Ukiyo Boutique


Another Japanese-inspired Brisbane brand, Ukiyo Boutique focuses on light linens and simple designs for everyday wear. The brand opts for block colours or simple patterns like checks and stripes so that your pieces never go out of fashion. It’s all super comfy and all made in Australia.

5. Meta Design Co

A bit heavier on the prints side is Brisbane’s Meta Design Co with more lovely light fabrics in T-shirts, dresses and skirts. The designer and brand founder Kathy says she opts for Japanese and African fabrics because she loves the patterns and colours. Everything is handmade by Kathy here in Brisbane.

6. Genkstasy


Fresh outta Brisbane, Genkstasy are makers of ungendered street wear. The designer’s unisex apparel often features funky Japanese-inspired prints that gives the clothes a serious street edge. All the clothing is ethically produced here in Australia.

7. Sruti Jindal

If you’d rather resort wear, put Sruti Jindal on your list. The Indian-inspired Brisbane label makes quality casual wear for resort or other special occasions. Sruti Jindal is a label out of The New Garde – a Brisbane fashion community and co-working space for independent designers.

8. Empire of Bees

Empire of Bees

This Queensland accessory label has you covered for purses, clutches, wallets, handbags and more. Completely dedicated to slow fashion, the bags are made from quality leathers (so you know they’ll last) and feature unique upcycled fabrics.

9. Kablooie


Handcrafted micro fashion label Kablooie is an explosion of colourful fashion for big and little people – available in sizes 4-24. The prints are uniquely Queensland with tropical fruits, plants and vegetables, in styles that suit everyone (even the kiddies!). These colourful cotton garments are ethically made in Brisbane by designer and maker Keneena Fanning. 

10. Coy Deroy 

A sweet little upcycle project turned actual label is Brisbane’s Coy Deroy. Just as it sounds, they take second hand pieces and jazz them up for a new life and new owner. It’s a great way to save garments from landfill and make new garments with minimal environmental impact.  J’adore!

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