With the mighty goal of making ethical underwear mainstream, PR professional Elena Antoniou and Ethical Fashion Group researcher Hannah Parris turned their attention to intimates.

Touting premium basic underwear, their label Mighty Good Undies is focused on fairly traded organic cotton and ethical production. The founders’ motto from day one has been that “your undies shouldn’t cost less than your latte”, a direction which mainstream underwear seems to be heading fast.

Instead, they offer a quality product that’s ethically made with natural fibres and good for your downstairs.

The Mighty Good Undies garments are made with organic cotton from certified Fairtrade farms, ensuring that the workers on the farms have good worker conditions and are paid a fair wage.

Opting for organic cotton, they’re also helping farmers diversify their income as they can grow food crops to help their income when changes in the demand or crop failure occurs.

“We also love to support the organic cotton farmers because they are proving every day that cotton can be grown without pesticides,” Elena says.

There’s an added benefit as well – which is that your intimate areas are free from chemicals used in the process of growing traditional cotton. People with sensitive skin will find this especially beneficial.

Mighty Good Undies

Mighty Good Undies are certified under the Fairtrade Cotton Standard (FLO) and the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) — together considered the ‘gold standard’ in global ethical textiles production.

Elena explains that the GOTS certification is practically the textile equivalent to what Fairtrade is to the tea and coffee farming industry.

“GOTS does essentially the same thing, but with textiles once the cotton leaves the farm,” she says.

After leaving the farm, the organic cotton arrives at a Fairtrade factory in India, where the Mighty Good Undies garments are made.

Elena says they “develop and maintain close relationships with their factory owners and their management team to ensure good working conditions are maintained, and communication is transparent and clear.”

But she explains that being in Australia and working with India can have its challenges, for one the time zone difference and the language barrier.

To help reduce waste in their supply chain, the Mighty Good Undies attempt to remove excess fabric requirements in the design stage.

Elena says one of their factories is also certified by the Zero Waste Initiative, meaning that they are training their pattern-makers to implement zero-waste cutting processes, re-manufacturing 20% of the factory offcuts and selling leftover scraps to local traders who give them a second life.

You can read more about the Mighty Good Undies factories here.

The Mighty Good Undies range includes granny knickers, bikini cut, g-string, boyleg and hipster for women, and trunks, briefs and boxers for men.

You can check them out and shop the range here. 


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