Our Values

We help conscious consumers make informed decisions about their fashion purchases because we point out when brands are telling furphies about their sustainability and ethical chops.

We showcase brands making genuine efforts in ethical production and sustainability, highlighting the specific actions they are taking. And while our values are simple, they are supported by specific and measurable accreditations and goals, to ensure a fairer and safer future for all.

Sustainability in the fashion industry can often be seen as an oxymoron (we do struggle with the concept ourselves), but it’s also a huge opportunity for empowerment. We promote a future where people throughout the fashion and textiles supply chains are paid a living wage, where brands are carbon neutral and use environmentally friendly fabrics, dyes and processes. And we advocate for brands that exist to empower communities and give back.

Sustainability and ethical production at this time is a sliding scale, not a yes or no answer. And the brands that admit they’re on a journey are the ones taking matters into their own hands. We exist as a conduit between them and you. These are our values.


Kind to people

With an estimated 40 million people in garment making roles around the world, fashion and textiles production touches the lives of many. Britt’s List campaigns for a future where not only garment makers, but those in denim factories, leather tanneries and on cotton fields are paid a living wage and work in an environment where safety is assured.


Kind to the planet

The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions, and responsible for clearing forests, cluttering landfills and contributing to a serious amount of ocean waste. Britt’s List is committed to promoting brands acting in a way that will ensure our planet has a future.


Kind to animals

While, for the most part, the days of exploiting animals for the sake of fashion have passed, there are still many instances where animal products are not ethically sourced. Britt’s List promotes the inclusion of ethically sourced animal products (ie. wool) or none at all.