Melbourne-based brand and onshore denim manufacturer Nobody Denim is known for creating good quality, long lasting garments.

The brand’s onshore production is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia – the accrediting body that ensures safe working conditions and fair wages for Australian garment workers. Designing and producing in-house keep jobs and dollars in the country and enables the brand to stay at the raw edge of contemporary fashion – responding to trends and street style in real-time, all the while minimising its carbon footprint.

Nobody Denim is committed to paying living wages to its onshore staff and has made a public commitment to pay living wages throughout its entire supply chain (onshore and offshore) by 2025. At date, the majority of the brand’s clothes are made in Australia, helping to keep jobs onshore and the Australian textile manufacturing industry alive.

Keeping production in Australia also means the brand’s environmental footprint is significantly lower, with its head office, factory, laundry and retail store all within a 6km radius. This reduces the travel miles and minimises the carbon footprint of each garment.

Nobody Denim says it supports the Paris Agreement on climate change and aims to decarbonise the business and supply chain, aligning with the global goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The brand is doing so with a number of initiatives to save energy, reduce waste, and reduce water usage. Since 2017 the brand has reduced water use by 50% in its stone washing and bleaching processes.

For its raw materials, the brand works with suppliers who meet IS014001 standards – meaning that it goes beyond the legal environmental requirements. In the Nobody Denim laundry the brand uses natural enzymes to replace harsh chemicals. These are safe for human and environmental health, and are biodegradable.

Despite making obvious efforts to make the brand more ethical and environmentally sustainable, Nobody Denim says the brand is on a sustainability journey and is in the midst of further developing its long term sustainability strategy.

To encourage longevity, Nobody Denim offers a 12 month warranty on its jeans, encouraging shoppers to mend their jeans rather than disposing of them if they fail.

I’ve had just two pieces from Nobody Denim – a high waisted denim skirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. They’re both comfy as heck and have worn beautifully.

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