Linen is a huge hit with ethical and sustainable designers, and it’s easy to see why. As a bast fibre derived from the naturally occurring and fast growing flax plant, linen offers a sustainable alternative to heavier viscose fabrics, while providing weight for warmth in winter or breathability in the summer months. Quality flax linen is available across the globe, with some of the most popular varieties coming from Belgium and France, where supply chains are often transparent and tracked through to production. The increase in quality and variety in this fabric has sparked the supply of the garments available, especially when it comes to lovely linen dresses. These are some of our favourite brands for ethically made linen dresses in Australia & NZ. 


Ukiyo linen dresses

Brisbane-based brand Ukiyo has specialised in designing and creating quality, linen dresses. The brand sources quality European flax linen for its garments, which are all designed and made in small batches in Brisbane by the lead designer herself and some freelance dressmakers when demand is high. The designs range from feminine pinafore styles to multi-tiered dresses featuring gingham and block coloured linens. A Ukiyo linen dress is an investment for years to come, as the fabric softens with each wear.  

Honest Studios

Honest Studios

Honest Studios’ garments are created from natural fibres sourced from high-end fashion houses selling surplus fabrics (also known as deadstock fabrics). The brand’s use of end-of-roll fabrics means each collection is limited, but that is what makes each piece so special. Honest Studios’ pieces are all made in house by the mother-daughter team behind the brand creating a range of linen dresses that feature block colours and seasonal prints with unique features.  

Kristin Magrit

Kristin Magrit

Kristin Magrit is a sustainable clothing label for women who “live consciously and choose carefully.” The brand opts for beautiful, natural fibres for its garments which are handcrafted in small batches in Western Australia – all within 12km of where they’re designed! To reduce the environmental impact of their garments further all elements are chosen based on their ability to break down or be recycled at the end of their life. 


Circular fashion label A.BCH is transforming the way people buy, wear and discard clothing, with a focus on end-of-life from the concept phase. The brand’s short and long linen dress styles are sleeveless and feature full length button detail down the front, with a belted waist. The brand’s focus on classic, timeless styles ring true in these pieces made from 100% GOTS certified organic linen, grown in France by a group of farmers who have dedicated the last 10 years to perfecting the art of organic linen farming. It’s all ethically made in Melbourne. 


Frske Clothing Orange Dress

Melbourne-based label Frske opts for natural fibres in its garments, so it’s no surprise linen is on the menu. The brand’s line up of linen dresses includes tailored shirt dresses, pinafores and shift dresses in a range of quality linens. Frske’s garment are all designed and ethically manufactured in Melbourne.

The Lullaby Club 

The Lullaby Club focuses on lounge essentials “for you and your mini” and as such, linen dresses are on the line up. The range includes smock, wrap, maxi and mini dresses in quality block colours and gingham linen-cotton blend fabrics – available in an inclusive size range covering size 6-18. The Lullaby Club’s garments are made in China where the brand says it’s committed to paying its garment makers a living wage. Find out more about the brand’s ethos on the website here