Slipping into your partner’s hoodie is a convenient and cost-efficient wardrobe hack but generally, when it comes to shared clothing, that’s the end of the list. Of course, accessibility to shared clothing is only one benefit to gender neutral clothing – the styles tend to be more timeless than the seasonal garments on the runway and designs more inclusive in their fit and wearability. Thankfully, there’s more and more brands coming on board when it comes to making clothes for either or neither gender. These Australian and New Zealand brands making gender neutral garments are thinking about sustainability, style and inclusivity.

1. Gary Bigeni

Gary Bigeni turtleneck

Sydney-based designer Gari Bigeni produces a unique and colourful range of gender neutral garments. The wearable art is all gender neutral and is available in an inclusive size range from 6-18 (plus a super cute kids collection). The hand-painted shirts, dresses and pants are thoughtfully made-to-order in Australia to reduce waste in production. As Gary Bigeni only accepts pre-orders, it takes about 4-6 weeks for garments to be painted, constructed and delivered to your door.

2. Spunky Bruiser

Spunky Bruiser is a Sydney-based brand, creating unique, sustainable fashion. The brand’s signature patchwork garments are handmade in its Sydney studio and each piece is a one-off – with garments are made from recycled materials. It’s super slow fashion, with a handful of garments ready to shop from the brand’s Facebook or Instagram page, or otherwise made to order as per your request. Get inspired here.

3. Homie

HoMie pink track suits

For comfy, feel-good garments, you can’t go past HoMie – a social enterprise and unisex streetwear label for young people. The brand name is an acronym for Homelessness of Melbourne incorporated enterprise – as they use 100 per cent of their profits to support young people facing homelessness in Melbourne. HoMie values transparency and up-cycles preloved items to reduce the environmental impact of their garments. All the styles are gender neutral.

4. Kowtow

Kowtow Coats

New Zealand-based sustainable fashion label Kowtow is known for its commitment to Fairtrade production, organic cotton and circular design. The brand’s quality made garments for every day wear are primarily for women, however a big part of the Kowtow range is gender neutral – including jackets, shirts, jeans, jumpers and more. To find specific designs in this category, pop “unisex’ in the search bar on the site.

5. Clothing the Gaps

Clothing the Gaps

Clothing The Gaps is a Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise fashion label managed by health professionals. The brand says it produces merch that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture – with the aim to encourage all people to wear their values on their tee. Clothing The Gaps unites non-Indigenous and Aboriginal people through fashion and causes, one of which is to help Close the Gap. Recently, Clothing The Gaps became the first known Aboriginal-owned business to have its Australian manufacturing accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. At time of publishing, about 20% of the brand’s streetwear is ethically made in Australia, with the business also working on a future workwear line to be made 100% in Australia and accredited by ECA.