The Top 12 Brands For Ethically Made Loungewear In Australia

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Whether you’re looking to craft the ultimate work from home wardrobe or just want to stock up on versatile and luxurious lounge staples, these Australian and New Zealand brands have you covered. Importantly, they’re transparent in their production – opting for sustainably sourced fibres and ensuring their garments are made ethically. These are some of our favourite brands for ethically made loungewear in Australia.

1. A.BCH


A.BCH aims to transform the way people buy, wear and discard clothing. Transparency is a major focus of the label, which breaks down the ‘product story’ of each garment on its website, detailing everything from the place of production to the thread contents and the end of life instructions. A.BCH garments are all ethically made in Australia. They’re a selection of comfortable and cosy pieces in neutral colours to complement any wardrobe. 

2. Kowtow

Kowtow was born in 2007 with the desire to create an ethical label that would be the example for a fashion forward, global thinking business. And that it is. The New Zealand label is leading the way for sustainable fashion, with a now internationally recognised label producing beautiful staple items that are 100% suitable for the office. Good on You app rates Kowtow five stars stating that its environmental, labour and animal rating are all ‘great’.

3. Vege Threads

Vege Threads beige hemp set

Vege Threads specialises in creating comfortable clothing, sustainably. Its collections are manufactured 100% onshore using organic and eco-friendly materials and dyes in limited numbers. The brand is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and prides itself on working with local knitting mills and dye houses. The ‘threads’ are a lovely bunch of long lasting, practical yet beautifully designed basics. Vege Threads has also launched an activewear label that covers off comfortable yoga clothes.

4. Lois Hazel

Lois Hazel

Melbourne-based designer Lois Hazel says she wanted to design clothes that make it easy to get dressed in the morning. “For me, it’s like I want to wake up in the morning, pull out the first thing I see, chuck it on with some shoes, walk out the door and feel comfortable.” This mentality is clear in her collections – an essence of simplicity while still being unique and extremely wearable. When it comes to fabrics the brand prioritises natural fibres but also brings in organic fibres that are traceable, ethically sourced, sustainably produced or deadstock (design remnants). The Lois Hazel garments are all ethically made in Australia.

Britt’s List readers can get 10% of full price Lois Hazel with code BRITT10 at checkout. Find out more about the brand and shop here.

5. Bed Threads

Bed Threads linen loungewear

In case you couldn’t tell from the name, this brand knows its way around the bedroom. The good news? The brand’s philosophy of creating comfortable, natural fibres products for sleep extends to loungewear as well. Bed Threads uses its signature 100% French Flax Linen fabric for its sleepwear range (100% appropriate for out-of-home wear as well) and boasts a well as a gorgeous line up of cashmere clothing. The brand says it’s 100% carbon neutral and proudly plastic free. The garments are assembled in China where the brand says they pay above minimum wage and ensure ethical working conditions for their makers.

6. Theo the Label

Theo the Label

I first came across Theo the Label at a Finders Keepers market in Brisbane. The floaty, linen attire and Fashion Revolution ‘I made your clothes’ tags drew me in. The brand boasts a quality range of staple goods for men and women. When it comes to production, Theo the Label says sweatshops are a no-no and the team only works with makers they can meet, greet and share honest to goodness relationships with.

7. Bassike

Staples and basics brand Bassike produces all of the comfy clothes – to wear between home, work, shops and social events. The brand says that sustainability for them means treating people and the planet with respect, lightening their environmental impact and constantly evaluating how they do that. Over 90% of Bassike’s products are ethically made in Australia which ensures a high level of supply chain transparency while supporting and helping to preserve the fashion industry in this country.

8. Dream States

Dream States is a Melbourne-based sleep and loungewear label inspired by nature, sustainability and colour stories. Through a desire to bring about change to the fashion industry Dream States encourages people to invest in long-lasting high quality pieces that are kind to the environment, having minimal impact and long wear. For this reason, the brand uses plant-based fabrics such as hemp and linen. Dream States garments are all ethically made in Australia.

9. Annukka

Byron Bay’s Annukka makes organic cotton tops, bottoms and dresses in solid colours and staple patterns that make for the ultimate basics for your wardrobe. All of their attire is eco-friendly and made in Australia, from cotton that’s so damn soft you’ll never want to take them off. Annukka Clothing is stocked in 50+ stores around Australia and New Zealand and available online too.

10. Bamboo Body

Bamboo Body

Bamboo as a textile has two really great qualities. One is that it grows naturally and in abundance so it’s easy to source sustainably, and two is that it’s soooo soft, making it the ultimate fabric for lounging around or simply living in! Bamboo Body’s loungewear collection includes oversized slouchy tops, pants, dresses, scarves and cardigans in staple colours. Bamboo Body includes detailed information about the brand’s ethical production on its website.

11. Kuwaii

This Melbourne-based brand goes above and beyond with its ethical production, manufacturing everything here in Australia with environmentally friendly fabrics, and making efforts to reduce waste in the process. Kuwaii carries a range of classic staple pieces all year round, which make for appropriate pieces for home and work. Kuwaii goes into detail about its manufacturing, fabrics, environmental impact and more on its website. The brand also plants a tree for every order shipped.

12. Honest Studios

Honest Studios’ garments are ethically made in Melbourne by a mother-daughter duo with a love of natural fibres. To help reduce waste, the brand sources its fabrics from high-end fashion houses selling their surplus fabrics. With comfort at the forefront of their designs, Honest Studios’ range features simple cuts to suit all ages, shapes and sizes. The brand’s dedicated loungewear category makes it easy to shop for staples.

Bonus: Feeling crafty? Make your own linen loungewear set with the Pipit loungewear set sewing kit from Common Stitch. The kit has everything you need to sew your set at home – including the pattern, fabric, thread, elastic and buttons. All you need is the machine.

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