Melbourne label Nancybird is setting a new standard in transparency. Since its inception in 2002 by founder and designer Emily Wright, the brand has highly valued its relationships with its makers, keeping a close eye on the supply chain and regularly visiting its offshore factories and workshops, where its stunning but modest clothes, shoes and accessories are made.

While the story starts in Melbourne, the brand is now stocked internationally, and last year shipped to over 15 countries from its online store. Despite the growth in production, Nancybird has stayed committed to quality control and sustainable production.

The source of Nancybird’s leather, from the raw material to the tannery and the goods manufacturer, are all documented on the website, as well as the sources of each of its fibres and fabrics.

Nancybird Desert Floral

The majority of Nancybird’s clothes, shoes and accessories are manufactured in China, with a few pieces coming from different makers in India. But the label works closely with the makers to ensure that its clothes are being ethically produced in a safe working environment. Each of the Nancybird’s makers are detailed on its website with photos and interviews of each of the factories or workshops and their owners and employees.

Nancybird uses materials such as leather, cotton, linen, wool and Tencel (aka Lyocell), a fully biodegradable fibre created with wood pulp from sustainable farms, and stays clear of AZO-based dyes which are harmful to both the environment, and the textile producers who work with them.

The brand’s raw leather is sourced from Texas, USA and processed in a tannery in Dongducheon, South Korea. The leathers (sheep and goat) are then vegetable tanned, removing commonly used metals from the process like chrome and other metals, which can be harmful to the environment.


Nancybird’s shoes which are made in Humen, China are a range of lovely leather sandals, boots, loafers and lace ups with intricate stitch and print details. For its wool items, Nancybird uses merino wool which is guaranteed to be Australian sourced.

The brand’s unique style can best be described as relaxed, organic designs, in earthy tones. This natural look and feel transcends seasons, making the pieces all-year-round wardrobe staples – from the classic lace-up shoes to the oversized dresses.

About the brand, Emily says, “We design for women who share our passion for art, design and nature, and who appreciate unique and mindfully-made pieces that can be treasured far beyond one season.”

If you appreciate unique and mindfully-made pieces that can be treasured far beyond one season, explore the Nancybird range here.