Soft, comfortable loungewear might have felt more like a luxury than a need until 2020. Given that so many of us are spending more time indoors, curled up on the couch or in front of back-to-back Zoom meetings, investing in a good pair of ethical trackies or shorts for lounging might be more essential than jeans or chinos. Say farewell to zips and buttons and hello to comfort city, population you, with luxe, soft loungewear from these Australian brands.

While we love the super soft bamboo material made from fast-growing, pesticide-free plant material, the process it goes through to become a fabric is most often chemical heavy. If you want to educate yourself more, we wrote a deep dive on the pros and cons over here.


Boody set out with the mission to create softer, comfier basics that fit just right and keep the environment top of mind. Every Boody garment is made of luxe sustainable bamboo fabric. Shop everything from basic tees and dresses, to leggings and activewear, to undies and socks for men, women and babies with the Sydney-based label. If you’re anything like us, any t-shirt is loungewear, but Boody goes one further with the ultra-soft Downtime Lounge top and pants designed for a rainy weekend Netflix binge.


Best known for its focus on hemp fabric, Braintree says it has been making environmental clothing since 1995. It’s range of men’s and women’s clothing is focused around hemp fabric, with a hemp-bamboo blend, bamboo-cotton or just bamboo fabric used for casual shorts and pants, tees and dresses. Perfect for long walks on the beach or to the fridge.

Bamboo Body

Bamboo BodyIn 2005 the two sisters behind Bamboo Body were working out of their mum’s suburban Brisbane garage and playing with a little-heard-of fabric called bamboo. Fast forward 15 years and the now Sydney-based label offers a huge range of women’s, men’s, kids and maternity bamboo clothing. The brand keeps things simple, consciously creating wardrobe staples and ignoring seasons. One of its core pieces, the women’s Slouch pant, is perfect for everyday comfort, while guys will love the Chill pants or shorts.


Adelaide-based O2wear was kickstarted in 2011 when founder Anna was looking for an everyday thermal base layer that ticked a long list of criteria. She wanted something soft and comfy, not itchy or bulky, odour-resistant, insulating and cute (in case it ever did see the light of day). This is how she came to create a range of bamboo basics for women including tights, tees and underwear designed to travel.


New Zealand label WE-AR frequently uses bamboo in its collection of off-duty essentials and yoga wear for women and men. Pick up a cosy pair of tracksuit pants with a matching hoodie, or yoga tights and underwear from the certified B Corp business.

Country Road

While not yet perfect, Australia’s beloved high street brand gets more transparent by the day. The brand likes to use bamboo fabric blended with cotton in some of its sleepwear and casual pants for women.

Bay Active

Bay Active

Bay Active is out to create the best high performance, comfortable and ethical yoga and activewear for women on the market. Every garment is now 100 percent made in Australia, and while most is made of organic cotton and other sustainable materials like merino wool, some of the range uses bamboo or bamboo blends. Think super cosy tights, pants, dresses, tops and more in sizes 6 to 18.

Viktoria & Woods

After elevated bamboo loungewear that just requires shoes to go from your sofa to the streets? Viktoria & Woods uses a bamboo blend fabric for its Australian-made relaxed workwear pieces, such as the elasticated Harvard pants or loose Vargo culottes. Perhaps this is one classy way to take your loungewear to the office.