Ever given yourself the “one in, one out” rule for your wardrobe? That is, every time you purchase something new, you remove something from your wardrobe to manage a tight but loved collection of clothes.

Salvos Stores, in partnership with Australian Red Cross and Vinnies NSW, want Aussies to revisit this rule with its recent initiative Moving the Needle – a project that aims to increase textile diversion from landfill 20% by 2022.

Australians dispose of a whopping 6000kg of fashion and textile waste every 10 minutes.

On an individual level, we’re buying 27kg of textiles every year and we dispose of 23kg.

Of this, the vast majority (73%) doesn’t end up back on the shelves in shops akin to Salvos, but in landfill or the incinerator. Its these stats that Salvos Stores and its partners hope to change with this multifaceted initiative.

Moving the Needly store

Moving the Needle asks companies and consumers to help raise awareness of fashion and textile waste, and encourage more people to donate their wares rather then direct them to landfill.

“Unfortunately we know that there’s a considerable amount of great quality items still going direct to landfill,” says Aífe O’Loughlin, Customer Experience Manager at Salvos Store.

“We’ve come together on #movingtheneedle to engage in the conversation together and to look to partner with brands across the country so that we can change this and start getting these items into stores for reuse and extend their life.”

Salvos Stores and its partners in the project ask consumers to get on board by sharing the message with their friends and family, donating and therefore diverting their textiles from landfill, and tracking their impact via #movingtheneedle.

To make it easier for people to donate, they’re encouraging brands and businesses to come on board and host a #movingtheneedle donation box in their stores and offices. The donation box acts as both a conversation starter and facilitator to get more people donating.

Find out how you can get involved in the project here.