Clothing rental has taken off around the world as the newest way to wear the runway without the hefty price tag, but Aussies have been slow to catch up. As some of the biggest consumers of clothing in the world, are we just obsessed with the idea of clothes ownership? Whatever it is, we think it’s time to buck the trend of buying new and embrace the model of the future – clothing rental. Here’s why. 

1. Designer garments are now within your reach 

Clothing rental really opens you up to a whole new world of fashion possibilities. Always wanted to wear Camilla and Marc? Rent your dream dress. Dreaming of floating around a wedding in Zimmerman? Borrow what you love. While these Aussie designers come with a hefty price tag to buy new (especially when you consider the price per wear for one-off or special occasions) the rental price comes in at about 10-15% of the recommended retail price (RRP), making it much more affordable and achievable to get these brand names in rotation in your wardrobe. 

2. You get to change up your wardrobe on the reg 

Say adios to that “nothing to wear” feeling you have when staring at your jam-packed wardrobe. We get it. There’s clothes in there but you’re not feeling inspired. Clothing rental unlocks your existing wardrobe, allowing you to tailor outfits with a little old, a little new, without committing to new garments or over-filling your wardrobe. Use clothing rental to extend your existing wardrobe or just change up your options. It’s all about balance.  

3. More cost effective for special occasion outfits

Weddings, balls, special dinners and birthdays – sometimes the thought of a special occasion can be daunting when you know you have to fork out a few hundred bucks for a new outfit (OK, you don’t have to, but you were thinking about it). We’re all about re-wearing, but even we don’t want to wear the same outfit to every wedding in a five-year period. Clothing rental makes wearing an outfit once or twice totally affordable, and means you can change up your look for these special occasions. At 10-15% of the RRP, you can don your dream outfit and pocket the rest of the cash for a fun night out. 

4. It’s better for the environment 

Aussies are no small consumers of clothing. On average, we buy 27kg of clothing every year and throw out 23kg. By renting, we reduce our consumption rate and increase the number of wears a quality garment has in its lifetime. This helps to reduce textiles in landfill and greenhouse gases emitted. You’ll feel good wearing your rented garment, sans the #ecoguilt. 

5. You can try out brands and styles you usually wouldn’t wear

You know that feeling when you try something on in store and you’re just not sure if it’s right or not? Rental is the perfect way to find out what shapes and styles suit you, and whether or not you’ll actually like wearing it. You can even rent with the plan to purchase, just to find out if it’s worth it. It’s like trying before you buy. Go on, live a little – rent something you wouldn’t usually wear, just to see if it sticks.  

Convinced? Start your renting journey with GlamCorner.  


Australia’s largest clothing rental service stocks some of Australia’s most exclusive designers as well as international designers, including Alex Perry, Badgley Mischka, Camilla, David Meister, Ellery, Wayne Cooper, Langhem, Nicola Finetti, Wheels & Dollbaby and many more. The platform offers free returns, express delivery and return shipping, a $30 Try On service and $100 free damage insurance with every dress, plus you can try on an extra dress for just $15. 

GlamCorner delivers Australia-wide and offers customers the choice to rent outfits for either 4, or 8 days. Rental price ranges from $70-$150 (approx 10-15% of retail price).