It’s time to throw away those granny panties that you keep around just for #periodtime, and ditch tampons and pads for good.

Enter the world of period undies. They work by absorbing menstruation through a protection layer built into the fabric, thus eliminating the need for pads and tampons. Designed to be washed and worn again, period underwear is an economical alternative to single-use period products. And from a sustainability point of view, getting rid of disposable products is just bloody better (excuse the pun) for the environment all round. According to Clean Up Australia, a single menstruator will use somewhere between 5 and 15 thousand pads and tampons over their lifetime – which nearly all end up in landfill.

“That’s great for the planet, but do they look and feel good?” we hear you ask. Well, the good news is period underwear doesn’t mean compromising on comfort and style. These days period undie brands are cute, comfy and in most cases look and feel just like regular underwear. 

Here’s a roundup of the best period underwear brands to buy in Australia and New Zealand. 

1. Modibodi 


This Aussie designed and owned brand makes period-, leak- and sweat-proof underwear for women and men. Available in a range of styles and different absorbency levels, Modibodi undies are breathable, odour resistant and super absorbent. Made from high quality, tech-savvy fabrics (think bamboo, Merino wool and microfibre), their patented and trademarked Modifier Technology will leave you feeling dry and fresh – and our landfill liberated from monthly disposables. Huzzah! Shop Modibodi here.

2. Wunderthings 

Wunderthings period underwear

Newcomer Wunderthings is the pinnacle of stylish period underwear that doesn’t look and feel like period underwear. Their range of “Wundies” includes lacy hipsters and full briefs that feel silky and smooth to touch. Wunderthings have three levels of absorbency to take you from the heaviest cycle days through to the slowest flow. Made from organic cotton and recycled nylon, the silky softness of Wundies means they can be worn underneath dresses and leggings without a hint of visible panty line. See how our Wundies trial went and shop Wunderthings here.  

3. Accalia 

Accalia period underwear

Named after the mystical she-wolf who nurtured twin brothers Romulus and Remus, Accalia period underwear is just as strong, nurturing and protective. Developed by Australian textile specialists, the Accalia undie range looks and feels just like regular underwear. Made from a super comfortable nylon elastane fabric, the garments feature a micro-terry gusset as well as leak-proof protection in the back, supporting you through everyday moments right up to maximum flow. If you’re not sure which style works best for you, Accalia offers a great value trial pack that gives you a taste of their full range. Shop Accalia here. 

4. Love Luna 

Love Luna period underwear

If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable and sustainable entry point into period underwear, Love Luna’s range ticks all the boxes. These high quality absorbent briefs are available in bikini cuts, midi and full briefs, as well as a workout cut with no seam so you can continue wearing tights or leggings to the gym. Made from sleek microfibre with a soft cotton inside layer, Love Luna undies provide support for light and heavy flows. They also have a first period range for tweens and teens who are navigating their first period. Check out the full Love Luna range here.

5. JuJu


JuJu’s range of no-fuss absorbent underwear is comfortable, affordable and environmentally friendly. There are three styles to choose from including bikini cuts, classic hip huggers and full briefs. Made in Australia from silky-smooth spandex/nylon and a breathable cotton gusset, JuJu comes in a range of sizes to suit everybody. JuJu offer two levels of protection and are best suited for light to moderate flows. Check them out here

6. AWWA 

awwa period underwear

Designed in New Zealand and ethically manufactured, this period-proof underwear range will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry throughout your entire cycle. Made from super soft cotton with a slim gusset, AWWA briefs are so sleek that they feel just like ordinary underwear (read: no bulky layers!). The range features classic and high-waisted briefs, as well as an organic cotton range in three colours. Check out their cycle sets, which include a bundle of briefs in different styles to get you through each month. Shop AWWA here.

7. Underwear for Humanity

If you’re looking for soft and comfy underwear that gives back, Underwear for Humanity has you covered. The brand’s underwear is made from Tencel – a eucalyptus-based fibre which is sustainably harvested and processed.  The brand works with a number of manufacturers in China which are BSCI certified and SEDEX approved. They use OEKO-TEX certified safe dyes (safe to handle, safe to wear) and say that that their manufacturers pay workers above the living wage in those regions. Underwear for Humanity says it priorities people over profit, donating a pair of underwear to women in need every time a pair is sold.  Shop for basics plus period undies and maternity bras. 


Emren period underwear models

EMREN THE LABEL is an Australian owned and made period underwear brand by two sisters in Melbourne. The brand seeks to use Australian materials and support local businesses to create reusable period products that are as Aussie as possible. Made in Melbourne with cotton that is grown, milled and dyed without leaving the East Coast helps EMREN to be a transparent and responsible business. Working directly with the maker in small batch production ensures that production is ethical, fair and sustainable.

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