Excessive tampons and landfill-clogging liners be gone. Period underwear is the new, environmentally friendly and, thanks to Wunderthings, stylish option for your period. And while we’ve seen a plethora of reusable period products hitting the markets (from underwear to menstrual cups), none are quite as discreet and luxurious as the new period underwear by Wunderthings. 

Wunderthings’ period underwear range includes lacy hipsters through to sensible full briefs. The underwear is made from recycled nylon with a cotton gusset, helping to reduce waste in more ways than one. We were a bit skeptical – can something this good really perform under pressure? Well, we’ve put them to the test. Find out how they went below. 

The Sweetheart in Size 8 and Size 10

Reviewed by Melissa Black 

This was my first time trying period underwear, and my first thoughts of Wunderthings “wundies” were how soft and silky they felt. So much nicer than I imagined period underwear to look! The lace trim was flirty and fun, and the style was definitely something I would normally wear. On the first day of my period, I was going to be out of the house for 6 hours and will admit that I felt hesitant about whether the briefs would be enough. Even though I usually have a light to medium flow, there were many questions running through my mind. Should I pair them with a liner as a back-up, just in case? What would it feel like after a few hours? Real talk: no one wants a weird swampy situation in their underpants.

Well I can confidently say that my fears were a non-issue. The briefs didn’t feel weird or gross at all, and it was completely fine. They stayed in place and there was no odour or leakage. I think I could have been out all day. In terms of sizing, I normally fluctuate between an 8 and a 10 for briefs, so I tried the Sweetheart in both sizes. While the size 8 was a nice fit, the briefs aren’t super stretchy so I’d probably stick with a size 10 for absolute comfort.

The Full Brief in Size 10

Reviewed by Melissa Black 

I wore the Full Briefs at night time. These had a built-in thick pad and felt the most like a period product, akin to wearing a pad at night – but much smoother and silkier. Before the first night I had some mild anxiety about waking up to stained sheets, but that wasn’t the case at all. The fit and size was accurate and the briefs were comfortable for all night wear – it was nice not having that shifting feeling of a pad while you are sleeping. Washing the briefs was easy. I rinsed the underwear, usually while I was in the shower, before putting them in a laundry bag for cold washing. Overall, Wunderthings period undies were very discreet, super flattering and unbelievably functional. Not only did they feel nice and silky, they did the job they were designed to do. 

Wunderthings period underwear

The Full Brief in Size 14

Reviewed by Isabella Grant 

The full brief Wunderthings underwear offered the perfect combination of comfort and style, all while remaining planet friendly. These simple black laced briefs offered a non-bulky alternative to other period underwear on the market, challenging my original idea of patterned granny panties, immediately intriguing me to try a pair! Not only were they great under everyday clothing, but their silky texture meant that I could wear it with no lines in dresses and leggings. I felt completely comfortable wearing these throughout an entire day on the go, from markets to coffee shops. I am always trying to incorporate better sustainable practices in my everyday life, and these were definitely a success story. These will make a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

Our recommendations: If you want to wear one pair during the day then switch them out at night, you’d need at least 6-8 pairs to get you through without washing them constantly. If you can only afford a few, I would get a couple of pairs of The Full Briefs and wear them at night time. I’d also invest in a pair of The Sweetheart Briefs to wear out when you’re expecting your period any day and don’t want to waste a “just-in-case” pad. They’d also be excellent for long-distance travelling by car, train or plane. (Because no one wants to deal with tampons mid-flight). 

Long live period panties – so long pads!

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This article was produced in partnership with Wunderthings