If you’re not quick to pounce on new products, you may still be yet to dip your toes in the world of sustainable, reusable period underwear. Since hitting the market a few year’s back, the options for period underwear available have expanded rapidly, but the price point has kept a lot of shoppers away. Most women’s full brief period underwear are priced around the $30 mark, but some can be up to $60 and beyond – a steep investment for those who aren’t sure if they’re happy with that as a period solution.

Australian period underwear pioneer ModiBodi has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception, so it’s no surprise the brand is now leading the pack in price competition.

The brand’s new ModiBasics range features a mid-rise brief that is made from 95 per cent soft Certified Organic Cotton with five per cent elastane for stretch. The absorbent built-in lining has a polybrush top layer that absorbs fluid and wicks away moisture to keep you dry, and a waterproof polyester bottom layer to prevent leaks. 

Modibodi Design and Innovation Director, Charissa Lanham says the best thing about this range is that they feel just like regular underwear – making them the ideal introduction for those looking to try period underwear.

“Our new brief is a classic design that comes in five colours including Chambray, Coral, Musk, Sea Spray, Papaya and classic Black. This collection is available in our most sought-after absorbency, which is Moderate-Heavy,” she says.

At just $19 a pair, the new ModiBasics range is a more accessible price point to encourage more people to make the switch to reusable (and super comfortable) period underwear. But don’t worry – you’re not compromising on performance, Charissa assures us the absorbent built-in lining in the gusset is identical to Modibodi’s main collection.  

Charissa says that strong, ongoing relationships with its ethical production partners has allowed them to introduce this price-competitive range.

“At Modibodi, we know the textile supply chain has a significant impact on our planet – both socially and environmentally,” she says.

“This is why we invest time and energy to nurture our supplier partnerships and source from ethical manufacturers. We have four main suppliers that we have been working with for years that specialise in their category. We have excellent long-standing relationships with them, and they are aligned to our traceability, sustainability and ethical targets for the future.

“We work with highly skilled sewers in China, source wool from growers in Australia and cotton from organic farmers in India to produce pants for our global customers. In addition to this, we are currently on a journey to map our suppliers from the farm to our cut-and-sew facilities, a process which will continue throughout 2023.”

Importantly, the brand is also committed to moving towards paying its workers throughout the supply chain a living wage.

“Our direct suppliers agree to our Code of Conduct which is based on the International Labour Organization’s core standards for safe, fair and healthy working conditions. In 2022 we commenced living wage calculations with our core factories using the Anker Methodology and found that they were within a 3% threshold paying above or below a living wage,” Charissa says.

While Modibodi is primarily an e-commerce brand, the brand seeks to make its products available and accessible to wider audiences, hence its introduction into Coles with this affordable range. In Australia, Modibodi is also available in-store at David Jones,  Big W and Rebel Sport.  

“We believe it is important to give customers the choice to purchase Modibodi in-store, particularly for those who are new to period underwear who can view the product up close,” Charissa says.

“We also believe this is important as it ensures that Modibodi is available to all Australians – whether their preference is buying online or in-store. With an accessible price point and availability at selected Coles stores around the  country, our new ModiBasics range has been designed to make the switch to sustainable solutions available to even more people.”

Shop Modibodi’s new Modibasics range.