episode 1

The first episode of The Quick Unpick Podcast series is in conversation with Angela Bell, National Manager of Ethical Clothing Australia and TCF Union National Secretary Jenny Kruschel from the Manufacturing Division of the CFMEU. We recorded this episode live in line with the inaugural Ethical Clothing Australia Week and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ECA’s accreditation program.

Listen in to find out if Australian made is equal to ethically made, issues garment workers face in Australia, ECA and the Union’s part in ensuring garment worker rights, and where to from here for the Australian fashion manufacturing industry.

The Quick Unpick is brought to you by Ethical Clothing Australia, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their accreditation program and inaugural Ethical Clothing Australia Week. This podcast is produced with assistance from The Content Division. Music is by Brisbane based artist Sasha McLeod, also known as Sycco.