The Quick Unpick with Nobody DenimManufacturing any type of fashion is a feat – but if you know anything about the fashion manufacturing scene, you’ll know that denim is especially challenging.

Nevertheless, that’s what John Condilis – the co-founder of Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited brand Nobody Denim – decided to do some 20 years ago.

Nobody Denim is an iconic Australian fashion brand that has been celebrated in Australia and around the world for its premium women’s denim since 1999.

The brand says that by manufacturing their garments locally and using their own denim factory and laundry, they keep jobs onshore and help keep the Australian textile, clothing and footwear manufacturing industry alive, employing more than 80 people. This model also allows Nobody Denim to shorten the brand’s supply chain, increase transparency and reduce travel to minimise the carbon footprint of each garment.

Nobody’s team believes that sustainable business is good business, and say that ethical manufacturing is at the heart of what they do. Listen in as I chat to John to find out what that means, and what the brand’s onshore manufacturing set up looks like – from design to dispatch.

The Quick Unpick is brought to you by Ethical Clothing Australia, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their accreditation program and inaugural Ethical Clothing Australia Week. This podcast is produced with assistance from The Content Division. Music is by Brisbane based artist Sasha McLeod, also known as Sycco.