If you’ve opted for disposables, your baby will use over 6,000 nappies and over 12,000 wipes in the first few years of their life. The problem? 2.5% of Australian landfill is made up of nappies alone, generally made from a non-biodegradable plastic outer layer, a layer of super-absorbent chemicals and an inner liner of varied materials. 85% of a disposable nappy’s environmental impact derived from its raw materials – so if we can fix this issue at the source, we can have much more environmentally friendly nappies that spend less time in landfill. We’ve found the best environmentally friendly nappies on the market in Australia. These products won’t be a problem for future generations. 

1. Ecoriginals 


Byron Bay-based brand Ecoriginals was one of the first brands to offer parents a truly biodegradable alternative to traditional disposable nappies and wipes. The Ecoriginals nappies are 90% plant-based with the exception of two small areas around the tabs and leg cuffs which tracking to design out by 2023, and wrapped in 100% paper packaging. The nappies are made from non-GMO corn starch, 100% pure cotton and FSC-certified wood pulp (from bamboo) and biodegrade within 3 months. The bamboo wipes can even be home composted! 

2. Comfy Koalas

Comfy Koalas

The Sydney-based Comfy Koala founders wanted a better world for their babies to grow up in. So, they made the nappies and products to match. Comfy Koala’s nappies are made with premium, responsibly sourced FSC-certified bamboo, with added aloe goodness to soothe soft bottoms. They’re highly absorbent, ultra-comfy, include a wetness indicator, and are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. To help reduce the brand’s environmental impact further, Comfy Koala nappies are wrapped in special home compostable packaging, that disappears in your garden without a trace. Comfy Koalas come in four sizes cover 3-18KG.

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3. Tooshies  

Master of organics TOM Organic is the brand the environmentally friendly nappy brand Tooshies. The Tooshies nappies are made from organic bamboo, with a 100% biodegradable backsheet and a blended organic bamboo core. The nappies offer 12-hour leak-proof protection to keep baby dry all day and night, and are available in size 1 – 4 supporting newborns all the way through to 15kg. Tooshies nappies aren’t completely biodegradable yet, but the brand’s wipes are. Having compared this brand to Huggies and the like, these nappies feel considerably less substantial (less material making them lighter) but work just as well, if not better. I’m a fan! 

4. Green Kids Co 

Developed by experts to be 100% free from harmful toxins, Green Kids Co’s Wham Bam Boo Nappies and Nappy Pants are the all-natural way to care for baby and the environment for future generations to enjoy.  The brands corn-based wetness lining, wood pulp inner and sustainably grown, soft bamboo bio-fabric means its nappies break down in 10% of the time of regular petroleum-based plastic nappies. Available for sizes 4kg- 20kg. 

5. Pandas by LuvMe

LuvMe’s nappies are made from 85% biodegradable plant-based materials, with a 100% biodegradable bamboo layer. The nappies have a breathable dermatest approved 360-degree absorbing inner pad, and made with a higher elastic waist band to avoid any accidents. The LuvMe nappies take between 90-120 days to biodegrade depending on the environmental conditions and each component of the nappy.  Available for sizes newborn – 18kg. 

6. Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature eco nappies are ultra thin and super absorbent with a top dry layer that draws wetness away from baby’s delicate skin. These eco-friendly nappies are manufactured in a production facility where 95% of the production waste is recycled, making Bambo Nature one of the more sustainable nappies on the market. Bambo Nature holds the Nordic Swan Eco Label and the FSC label (the mark of responsible forestry) and is also dermatologically tested.