Ever wanted a pair of undergarments that would take you between land, sea and sleep as well? Undergarments in prints so pretty, and that fit so comfortably, that you’d never want to take them off?

The Bimby + Roy garments are all of these things – acting as underwear during the day, a swim set for the sea, and a comfortable option for sleepwear as well.

It’s the creation of two sisters who grew up in the Fiji Islands with a ‘one day’ dream of having their own fashion label. Coming from a family with a strong textile background, they say they were destined to be in the industry at some point in their lives.

Fast forward several years and now in Australia with families of their own, they found a window of opportunity to bring their business baby alive.

Bimby and Roy

The Bimby + Roy garments are the answer to their desire for versatile, feminine and comfortable undergarment pieces that they could wear day and night, as the pair say they struggled to find brands that not only fitted them, but were also feminine.

Ethical and sustainable manufacturing

Bimby + Roy undergarments are made in a manufacturing facility in Fiji, which was the first solar-powered garment factory in the region and is renowned for its charity work locally.

The manufacturer has won many awards for economic achievements and its working conditions, and has the ambitious goal of being 100% solar dependent in the next few years.

They’re also leading their industry and encouraging equality by providing a child care service on site. They have constructed an in-house childcare facility assisted by the Australian Government to enable mothers and fathers working in the factory to be near their children during work hours at an affordable rate – a service that is subsidised by the employer.

Bimby and Roy undergarments

The Bimby + Roy garments are made from a mixture of polyester and spandex, which the founders explain is necessary because they print their designs using the sublimation process – a process that’s only possible on polyester. They use this process because it ensures that no toxic ink end up in waterways.

Dye sublimation also allows for great wash fastness, and helps garments maintain their colour and vibrancy through many wash cycles, which ensures the longevity of the items.

The garments are also quick dry which allows for versatility in doubling up as swimwear for those impromptu swims.

In an attempt to reduce waste, Bimby + Roy donate the paper used to transfer designs onto material (via heat) to recycling plants in Fiji to produce products such as toilet paper.

Due to the versatility of the garments, the founders say their intimates are worn by all age groups for all sorts of different purposes – swimming, yoga, sleeping, breastfeeding and of course for everyday undergarments.

Breastfeeding mothers will also find comfort in the bralettes, being able to feed easily (pulling up or down on the cup) as an alternative to the standard maternity clipped bra.

Soft, stretchy and wireless calls for comfort which the founders say they’re proud to offer the sisterhood.

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