Boody’s journey began with the yearning to “design a more superior essential”.

The Sydney-based brand was formed by two families in 2012 – and their work is continued by their children today. Initially seeking soft fabric and a comfortable fit, the brand has focused on creating everyday basics with the environment in mind, catering for women, men and baby staples alike.

From materials, to manufacturing and shipping, Boody’s vision and values are embedded into its culture and people at every level of the supply chain.

The brand opts for a bamboo-based viscose fibre for creating everyday staples, an obvious choice for the founders for a number of reasons.

Bamboo is grown organically without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, and it doesn’t require artificial irrigation. The plantations produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees and absorb carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. The bamboo plants are also regenerative and super fast growing.

Boody Underwear

For the wearer, the bamboo-based viscose fabric is anti-bacterial and antifungal (properties that the bamboo plant retains despite the fabrication process), hypoallergenic and highly breathable. It’s anti-static, thermo regulating and super soft to wear thanks to the fabrication process.

Boody reduces its impact on people and the planet by ensuring its fabric and product manufacturing is certified by various parties. The sourcing of bamboo plants is certified by Forest Stewardship Council, EcoCert and PETA (it’s not the sort of bamboo that pandas eat – thankfully!) So yes, Boody is also 100% Vegan.

The brand’s production is also certified by WRAP – an organisation whose mission is to ensure sewn products are being produced under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. WRAP’s Gold Standard certification ensures there is no forced or child labour in production, local laws are followed, only reasonable hours of work are worked, and important safety measures are in place and followed.

In an effort to lower the brand’s impact even further – Boody uses a closed loop system to extract the parts of the bamboo required for the fabric. The water is saved and recycled over and over, and non-toxic chemicals are used and disposed of mindfully. Find out more about the process here.

Boody is part of the 1% for the Planet movement and donates 1% of all online sales to nonprofits that work to protect the environment. The brand also supports local environmental charities such as Greening Australia and Propeller Project.

Boody’s collection started with essentials such as underwear and socks, but has since expanded to include sleepwear, activewear and loungewear plus babywear. The brand is so sure its perfected comfortable undergarments that it offers a comfort guarantee – 100% money back if you’re not satisfied with your first pair of underwear or socks from the brand. Boody’s women’s collection is available in sizes 6-18 and men’s between 30-40.

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This article was produced in partnership with Boody.