Felicity Cooney: Bags, brogues and belts to love

A desire to be a part of the slow fashion movement, and to make an Australian product with minimal impact on the planet, led Sunshine Coast designer Felicity Cooney to launch her self-titled label.

Focusing on bags, shoes and other accessories, the wares are 100% made in Australia, on the Sunshine Coast and in Melbourne. 

Felicity’s bags stand out despite their minimalist design – ranging from market totes to cross-body bags in bright and bold colours. The ‘summer bag’ is Felicity’s unique design and has become instantly recognisable as a Felicity Cooney staple.

Felicity CooneyAfter studying fashion at Central St-Martins in London and the Parsons New School in New York, Felicity says she wanted to start the label to make a sustainable and ethical product that fits into a minimalist architectural aesthetic.

It’s for this reason she chose to source sustainably farmed kangaroo leather for her products. She says that kangaroo leather is a sustainable alternative to regular leathers, and is a bi-product that would otherwise get thrown away.

Felicity Cooney

Felicity also makes efforts to reduce waste and the label’s impact on the plan through the design and production phases, and runs her design studio using renewable energy.

She says she designs the bags to reduce the amount of waste that’s made using at theory she learnt at Parsons called ‘zero waste pattern cutting’. Using this theory, Felicity makes design decisions like making a leather zipper pull out of a part that would get thrown away as waste.

Felicity also makes some apparel, sticking with a quirky but minimalist design which she says that along with her other accessories, appeal to a wide range of women who like to support unique and ethical designers.

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