If you like your prints and you like them loud, you’ll love the attire by this bold brand out of Melbourne. Inspired by African art, Jej and Boc makes playful dresses and accessories in bright prints featuring anything from ditsea dots to jumbo jellies. Sister duo Jessica and Rebecca Graham are behind the label that they say was inspired by their childhood and growing up in Zimbabwe.

“We spent our childhood painting alongside our mum in her studio in Zimbabwe and from these
early years developed a great love and appreciation of art,” Jess says.

“Our interest in fashion also started from childhood where we had a fascination with colourful clothes that were so readily available in Africa.”

Although they chose to study business and law, Jess and Bec say they were restless in their fields, and always wanted to pursue something more creative. This is what led them to developing Jej and Boc, the emerging Melbourne label we know today.

Jej and Boc ToteJej and Boc clothes are now predominantly designed in Melbourne where the pattern makers, fabric printers and seamstresses all reside.

“At the moment we get all our cotton digitally printed here in Melbourne but we are currently in the process of exploring silk printing studios offshore as we have not managed to find any suitable options locally,” Bec says.

“We endeavour to keep Jej and Boc entirely Australian made but have to explore alternative options where not possible to do so.”

Jess and Bec opt for natural fibres using cotton in their first collection, with plans to expand into silk and linen in the near future.

“We use natural fibres because they are sustainable at every stage of their life cycle, from production to disposal, plus they feel so much better on your skin,” Jess says.

To keep waste down, Jej and Boc make all their orders on demand. They also keep their production runs small so they can reduce excess waste and keep all of their offcuts of fabric from their dresses to make headbands and bow ties.

Jej and Boc also digitally prints its fabrics to reduce waste in the production process. This is a more sustainable practice in comparison to other printing techniques as there is no use of water and no left over inks.

When it comes to design, the girls say their range is made for women from all backgrounds who love expressing themselves through playful fashion.

“Our clothes are bold and are worn by those who are happy to make a statement.”

Explore the Jej and Boc collection here.