It’s easy to get obsessed with mass-produced, cult fashion brands. Their fast turnover ensures new styles every week, with frequent mark downs and click bait emails to keep you buying. But for a sustainable fashion brand that values longevity of style, ethical production and minimal impact on the planet, it’s hard to get that same traction.

That’s why Obus Clothing is so great. The Melbourne-based label has been focusing on sustainable production and style since its inception almost 20 years ago.

Led by front woman Kylie Zerbst, the brand has found a sort of sweet spot where funky prints meet classic style to ensure they compete on trend but still live a long life in your wardrobe.

Each new collection has a different look and feel when it comes to prints and patterns, keeping the fans engaged and excited while maintaining a design that doesn’t go out of fashion at the end of the season.

Obus Clothing

To this day, the brand ensures that 80% of its products are ethically manufactured in Australia, including the majority of its garments and selected accessories. And its Sydney-made swimwear is made up of a minimum of 80% recycled polyester – comprised of post-consumer waste such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets.

Obus Clothing reduces its environmental footprint in a number of ways including onshore production to avoid shipping emissions and excess packaging, digital printing rather than screen printing, using offcuts in clothing production and donating leftover fabrics to community organisations.

The brand also opts for sustainable materials and fibres such as tencel, organic cotton and viscose – helping to reduce the amount of water and fertilisers required in production of the textiles. The store fitouts use recycled or repurposed furniture and materials where possible.

Obus Clothing Summer 2018

To keep things transparent, Obus Clothing includes where its clothing, footwear and accessories are designed and made on each and every item listed on the website.

Most of the brand’s clothes are still made in Melbourne – which is great, but for the accessories and shoes that are made offshore in places like Greece, Turkey, Italy, China and Vietnam, Obus ensures its suppliers adhere to quality standards and ethical work environments.

Ready to browse these sustainable goods? You can check out Obus here and read more about the brand’s commitment to sustainability here.