Looking for the ultimate casual shoe to carry you between your daily events in comfort and style? Meet Melbourne’s Radical Yes – the Australian shoe designer making fabulous flats that bridge the gap between sneakers and slippers.

Radical Yes was founded in 2013 by Brand Director Kerryn Moscicki and has gained a loyal and loving audience ever since. Owning the motto ‘flat shoe liberation’, the brand aims to empower women with practical and comfortable shoes, without compromising on style.

The Radical Yes style is just that – radical. The shoe designs, while being sensible at their centre, are always on the quirky side, with a tassel or a pom pom being the standard addition.

For the shoe materials, Radical Yes opts for high-quality leather, suede, cotton, linen and nickel-free hardware.

The comfy outsoles are made from highly durable, plant-based rubbers with a minimum 85% pure rubber content to ensure longevity.

Finally, the shoes are stuck together with animal-free glues. There’s also dedicated vegan line most collections.

Radical Yes Slippers

Radical Yes shoes are made in China, in a factory that has policies in place to ensure ethical production for the factory staff.

In addition to being BV Audit approved, the Radical Yes factory produces an annual BSCI Report (Business Social Compliance Initiative) conducted by the Foreign Trade Association, to ensure that working hours are contained, that the minimum working age for workers in China (16 years) is adhered to, that overtime is bing paid and that factories are safe, well-lit and regularly checked for OH&S standards.

The founder has worked with the factory owner from day one and is heavily involved in the buying process of materials to ensure transparency in the supply chain.

As a small-scale, independent shoemaker, Radical Yes has its heart in the right place when it comes to creating products ethically.

Learn more about Radical Yes and shop their shoes here.