Down to your last pair of decent socks? Keen to fill your sock drawer with more of the environmentally friendly variety that tick the boxes of comfort and quality? You’ve come to the right place. Socks are one of the few fashion garments that Australia still manufactures onshore. And these brands are working with innovative fibres to make socks in a way that will help you to reduce your environmental footprint. Whether you’re looking for dress socks, fun socks, sports socks or stockings, these Australian- and New Zealand-based brands have you covered.

Please note: Not all of these brands are manufacturing *in* Australia. Check the descriptions below for clarification.

1. LaFitte

Aussie sock supplier LaFitte manufactures its extensive collection right here in Australia. The socks range from casual to corporate to sports collections, in bamboo, wool and cotton varieties. There’s lots of fun prints to choose from. You’ll pick up a pair between $12.95 and $19.95.

2. Nico Underwear

Nico socks grey

Brisbane’s favourite ethical underwear maker has got its foot in the door of the sock market. The range caters for the classic requirements of your sock drawer. NICO’s socks are ethically made from recycled cotton, an innovative process that saves on water and drastically reduces CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional cotton. The socks you see here (and in the header), come in white, grey and black. A 3-pack will set you back around $24. They’re ethically made in Bangladesh. Find out more about the brand’s production here.

3. Bird Socks

Bird socks

Bird makes luxury Italian socks designed to create positive social impact. For every pair of socks purchased the brand plants one tree in a bushfire effected hotspot.  Bird Socks values ethical and transparent manufacturing and says it makes its socks in small family-run factories in Italy where employees are paid appropriately, provided with sick/holiday pay, and generally valued and respected in their roles. The socks are made with quality GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

4. Enda

How plastic bottles are turned into Enda socks

Melbourne-based sock label Enda is making quality sports socks from sustainable materials. The socks are designed by a podiatrist, to ensure you’re supported, comfy and worry-free during your workout. Enda socks are made from sustainable fibres such as the closed loop cellulose fibre Tencel, recycled polyester and oddly enough, silver.  Enda’s socks are made in China in the Datang region, otherwise known as the ‘sock city’, where the factory is certified by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

5. Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings wants to improve the sustainability of the hosiery industry, and the brand’s made it its mission to do so by increasing the quality of hosiery and reducing waste in the meantime. Swedish Stockings (available via Sustainable Hosiery in Australia) has pioneered a production process that takes post-consumer and post-production nylon waste and uses ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing to produce hosiery that can be recycled at the end of its life. Choose between socks, stockings, tights and so on, in plain or patterned styles.

6. Merino Country

The designers behind Merino Country are former sheep farmers, so it’s no surprise that their go-to fabric is high quality Australian merino wool. The brand makes basic pieces including socks for the whole family and other wardrobe staples too.  The sock range includes hiking socks, thick wool socks and more general dress socks. Merino Country’s garments are ethically made in their factory in Queensland.

7. Boody

Boody socks

Boody brings super soft bamboo socks to the mix. The brand’s bamboo is grown sustainably with no pesticides, no insecticides, and no fertilisers, and without any artificial irrigation. Boody says it’s committed to maintaining a responsible and transparent process every step of its process – from the bamboo crops that yield the viscose yarn to the delivery of Boody into your hands. The brand is certified by a number of industry groups for ethical and sustainable production which happens in China.

8. Phoebe Paradise

Paradise Socks

This Brissie brand is known for its alternative prints inspired by the details of life that are distinctively Queensland. Prints like the one above (aptly named the ‘durry’ print), barbed wire, and moo cow spots are featured across their clothing range, accessories and socks too. The range is small but sufficient, and makes for some fun footwear. Phoebe Paradise socks are made in Australia, and come in at $20 a pair.

9. Obus Clothing 

This Melbourne establishment produces a cute little sock range to accompany their seasonal releases. The bright and colourful print bearing socks are responsibly made in Turkey, from 75% cotton. You can pick up a pair for around $12.

10. Humphrey Law

Self proclaimed sock specialist Humphrey Law has had the market covered since 1947. Still family owned and run, the brand opts for natural fibres like cotton and wool, for their extensive sock collection that’s all manufactured in Melbourne. Humphrey Law is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. Serious sock enthusiasts will enjoy the following video by Humphrey Law that explains exactly how their socks are made – bless their cotton socks!