There are few things in life that truly make you feel beautiful. 

I’m talking freshly-shaved-legs-on-clean-sheets beautiful. 

But new, natural fibre undies are definitely up there. Pair that with knowing you’re helping empower women from refugee and new migrant backgrounds – pure bliss.  *chef’s kiss* 

Nisa’s Naturals range is the latest from the New Zealand-based social enterprise business, which has a mission to build an alumni of 100 former employees who go on to inspire their own communities. The brand says that success is not just providing a first job in New Zealand, but in providing a first step in a long career. 

Nisa has provided more than 20,000 hours of employment since 2017. By developing the brand’s ranges and offering, it’s able to extend employment opportunities for these women, and the latest collection is a step in the right direction on that journey. 

Nisa Naturals Range

The three new shades that make up the Naturals collection draw from nature – Moss is a deep olive, Mist is a dreamy pale blue-grey, and Pebble is a minimalistic dove grey. They join Peach, Pecan and Coffee to create a collection that celebrates “being your natural self”.

“We launched our three nude shades, Peach, Pecan and Coffee, last year while New Zealand was under lockdown. It was a really uncertain time for us, but we were overwhelmed with the support we received,” Emily Partridge at Nisa says. 

“People really resonated with the message that we were trying to send – that everyone deserves undies that are perfect for them, and they shouldn’t have to sacrifice feeling beautiful in order to shop ethically.”

Nisa uses GOTS-certified organic cotton in its garments –  dyed and woven in Melbourne before being sent to New Zealand for cutting and sewing. The brand’s elastics come from Portugal and Hong Kong, and are both Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re certified non-toxic. Its Hong Kong suppliers are also Blue Sign certified in recognition of their responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Nisa Naturals range

You might have guessed it but for the brand, a holistic approach of care throughout the supply chain is a must. And this extends to the customer. 

“We want people to feel just like themselves, but in the best possible way. All bodies are beautiful, and our goal is to allow people to feel powerful while wearing something comfortable. Our garments don’t have underwires or scratchy synthetics for a super-soft feel,” Emily says. 

All bodies are beautiful, and our goal is to allow people to feel powerful while wearing something comfortable.

“When people put on our garments, we don’t want them to think of it as just clothing. Every garment worn and loved helps us achieve our mission of providing employment for women from refugee and migrant backgrounds. 

“That’s why we always label our garments with the name of the person who completed the finishing touches – you’re joining a community of people that support and celebrate each other.” 

The Nisa Naturals range further extends the brand’s values of being inclusive and sustainable. The brand’s nude colours can be worn to match your skin or as earthy tones by anyone. 

As a small business, Nisa offers as many size-inclusive garments as possible – offering its Mist garments up to size 4XL, alongside other colours from our standard range. 

Emily says they’re looking forward to offering everything in an even greater size range in future. 

“Our sustainability goals are reflected in our fabrics, as well as our lean manufacturing methods,” she says. 

“Making garments in small batches allows us to only make as much as people want to buy, which means that you don’t end up with hundreds of pairs of unwanted underwear gathering dust in a warehouse, or thrown into the landfill.”

This article was produced in partnership with Nisa