Depending on where you’re situated in Australia, it can be tempting to skimp on your winter wardrobe. But spending little on staples just means you’ll be back in the same position this time next year, so I’m here to suggest you arm yourself with some winter staples that’ll last you not only through the season, but the seasons ahead as well. These are the top brands for ethically produced winter wardrobe essentials in Australia.

1. Woolerina

Woman and man in basic tops

Australian owned and made Woolerina has all of your winter staples sorted. The brand’s merino comes from non-mulesed sheep, that grow their fleeces in the best living conditions. A merino long sleeve tee is a must have staple for winter so I suggest getting one you love and that will last. Shop for men’s and women’s tops, bottoms, jumpers and accessories.

Shop for: Undergarments of all types 

2. Denimsmith


Denimsmith launched in 2015 as a “collaborative vision of veteran Australian designers and makers who are committed to the ethical production of high quality denim clothing.” With over two decades of denim expertise enriching every piece, Denimsmith says it takes locally-made to a whole new level and is proudly accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. Each Denimsmith item comes directly from their Melbourne makers’ skilled hands and hearts. The brand boasts a classic collection of jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts and other apparel for men and women  made from quality materials.

Shop for: Denim stapes – jeans and a jacket 

3. Citizen Wolf 

Sydney-based brand Citizen Wolf is transforming the custom-fit clothing industry with its custom casual wear. Committed to ethical and sustainable production, the brand uses natural fibres such as cotton, organic cotton, hemp and merino that are grown and sourced from Australia and milled in Melbourne. Citizen Wolf exclusively works with mills accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring that there are safe working conditions and fair pay throughout its supply chain.

Shop for: A custom-fit merino long sleeve tee

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4. Bassike

Staples and basics brand Bassike produces all of the comfy clothes – to wear between home, work, shops and social events. The brand says that sustainability for them means treating people and the planet with respect, lightening their environmental impact and constantly evaluating how they do that. Over 90% of Bassike’s products are ethically made in Australia which ensures a high level of supply chain transparency while supporting and helping to preserve the fashion industry in this country.

Shop for: The comfiest of wardrobe staples – jumpers, pants, long sleeve tops. 

5. Emu Australia

Australian made Emu Ugg Boots

Australia’s favourite winter shoes make the cut. The classic range of shoes by Emu Australia are 100% made in Australia with the company being a proud member of the Australian Made Campaign. The boots are available in a range of styles and colours (including the original style boot you’d expect), made from quality sheepskin which is both warm and waterproof. Best of all, they’re made to last and the brand shares detailed information to help you look after your boots.

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6. Merino Country

Merino comfy pants

The designers behind Merino Country are former sheep farmers, so it’s no surprise that their go-to fabric is high quality Australian merino wool. The brand makes basic pieces for everyday wear and workouts including underwear, bras, tights and tops. Merino Country’s garments are ethically made at its HQ in Brisbane.

Shop for: Merino underwear, thermals and other staples

7. Smitten Merino

The husband and wife team at Smitten Merino design lightweight merino wool clothing for the whole family, focusing on style, comfort and practicality. The women’s collection is full of light, soft, form-fitting, comfortable clothing made from 100% Australian merino wool, manufactured in Tasmania.

Shop for: Pyjamas, comfy throws, and all the classic wardrobe staples

8. Standard Issue

Standard Issue New Zealand knitwear

New Zealand-based brand Standard Issue is challenging the norm with its small batch, consciously made knitwear. The brand was founded on a desire to create timeless garments defined by nature and cherished for a lifetime. As such, every garment bears consideration for the environment with the brand choosing natural or recycled fibres and using innovative production technologies and partnerships to eliminate textile waste.  Shop for stunning New Zealand made knitwear in cashmere, merino, alpaca, possum merino and cotton-cashmere blends. 

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