Finding a good-fitting staple item for your wardrobe can be a task. Even if you know your size, sizes don’t exactly correlate with fit, and when it comes to a staple item in your wardrobe, fit is as important as longevity and style.

That’s where Citizen Wolf comes in. The Sydney brand is transforming the custom-fit clothing industry, once dominated by suit and dress makers, and they’re doing it with a focus on sustainability.

Before now, this would have been an incredibly difficult task. In fact, when the founders came up with the idea to create custom fit casual wear they were mostly told it wouldn’t work, that it would be too expensive and therefore impossible to scale. Needless to say they stuck at it and got it over the line, and it is now the official home of the #TailoredTee.


Committed to ethical and sustainable production, Citizen Wolf uses a mixture of cotton, organic cotton, and cotton hemp blends that are grown in Australia and milled in Melbourne. The brand exclusively works with mills accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring that there are safe working conditions and fair pay throughout its supply chain. When it comes to animal welfare and its Merino products, Citizen Wolf only sources wool from unmulesed sheep in Australia and New Zealand, making its product certified cruelty-free.

Apols for details but in case you were wondering, Mulesing involves cutting flaps of skin from around a lamb’s breech and tail to create an area of bare, stretched skin. The majority of sheep farms in Australia do this to stop flystrike, but RSPCA compares the pain of this procedure to castration, and the pain endures for around 48 hours. There are other ways to reduce the risk of flystrike, as RSPCA outlines here.

Once the fabric is produced, the shirts and accessories are cut to size (your size) and shipped from their Darlinghurst store. So Citizen Wolf is on the right side of the environment, animals and people, but there’s more.

The brand does something nearly no other brand does. Before the fabric is cut, Citizen Wolf actually washes the material to make sure there are no faults, stretches or shrinkage to the product. So quality is guaranteed. This is core to the founders’ beliefs – wanting to make something that is perfect for you, and made to last. *amen*

The perfect fit

Of course the best thing about your tailored tee is that the shirt is made to fit you perfectly. There are two ways to do this, you can submit your measurements or tailor your fit online, or you can do it in store. I took advantage of a recent Sydney trip to go and get measured, but online is just as good. Either way, your tailored tee rocks up two weeks later, and is as beautiful as you could imagine (and if the fit isn’t right, you can send it back for further altering).

So here’s to custom-fit casual wear, and making T-shirts great again!

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Listen to my chat with co-founder Eric Phu on The Quick Unpick podcast.