With the internet simply littered with baby goods, it’s hard for new mums to know what’s really necessary when it comes to preparing for your baby’s arrival. Of course, the age-old method of putting a blanket in a drawer rings true (your baby really doesn’t need much at all) however having a few quality items can and will make the transition a lot more comfortable and smooth in the modern day. This is my list of quality items that I’d recommend for the arrival of a new bub.

Around the house


Moosey Moose grow romper
Pictured: Moosey Moose babywear

Especially if you’re breastfeeding, in the early days it’s super handy to have baby right next to your bed for overnight feeds. The Edwards & Co SnuzPod bedside sleeper is large enough to keep baby in until 4+ months (until they’re rolling or pulling themselves up). I’ve purchased a secondhand SnuzPod on Marketplace for my second bub because the Moses basket I had with my first wasn’t big enough.  


It’s really hard to say what’s the ‘best’ but choose something that suits you/feels comfortable. I used a Manduca baby carrier with my first which was good but have invested in an Artipoppe for this baby because I know how much of a staple it is – and I love them! My preference is natural and breathable fibres (AKA cotton or linen) which these both are.  


Pictured: Bubnest

Having some kind of portable nest for baby to sleep in anywhere around the house is super helpful. We have a Bubnest which we got a lot of use out of but there’s plenty of options on the market. A portable bassinet will also do the trick though. 

Car seat carrier that plugs into pram

Having an infant car seat that plugs into your pram is a lifesaver in the first six months when naps can happen anywhere and you don’t want to disrupt them. We bought the Redsbaby pram which connected with a Britax infant car seat / carrier for the first 12 months. Our first bub slept in this sooooo much.  As a side note, we never used the bassinet attachment that comes with the pram – I don’t find them very useful.

High chair

I’m completely on board the Stokke Tripp Trapp train. It’s a great design and easily transfers into an accessible seat as your bub grows, encouraging independence for better or for worse. It’s not the cheapest but there’s good news – they’re always available secondhand. As a side note: Silicon bibs are the way to go + check out the Haakaa mesh feeder / teether for introduction of solids and teething. 

Baby bath

Super necessary unless you have a good laundry sink or something suitable. And soft / small face washers. 


Haakaa everything

In case you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of this New Zealand brand that makes glass bottles and silicon breast pumps (not traditional pumps, more of a capture for let down).  I love this product so much and everything they make! 

Nursing singlets

Modibodi now make these with built in absorption which I’ll be trying out this time round. Much more comfortable and wearable in the early months. BigW also make some that are pretty comfy but you need to couple with nursing pads (reusable or disposable).  Modibodi’s period / postpartum underwear are also great for postpartum (after the first few heavy days). 

Active Truth

On the topic of you, Active Truth’s post-partum tights are a fantastic staple in the early days when your core is recovering!  The hospital will provide an elastic tube but it gets ratty after a week and can be replaced with something like these. 

Nappy changes 


Comfy Koalas

Here’s the list of nappies I’d recommend. Eco Originals are my favourite but Tooshies are more accessible (in supermarkets) – both work really well and are so much less substantial than say Huggies which are thick, bulky and layered with plastic. 

Apparel & bedding 


Nature baby bedding

The first few months are basically just living in onesies. I am obsessed with Nature Baby – the quality and fit of the clothes is great. Of course a couple of Bonds staples won’t go astray.  Depending on the time of year you may need to layer with a singlet / jumper / vest / socks. Avoid anything with buttons – just a nightmare when there’s a lot of them. Zips are ideal. 

Swaddles or zip ups

Billie and Bobbie Swaddle

Zip up swaddles are a total game changer and I’d highly recommend. Babies sleep best when swaddled so the first three months these are extremely helpful. Love to Dream make the classics but there’s some gorgeous merino ones from Billie & Bobbie if you’re looking to invest. I’d also highly recommend and beautiful Billie & Bobbie all seasons linen/merino sleeping bag for when bub goes into an arms out sleeping bag. 

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