Finding ethical and eco friendly clothing for your kids in Australia is no longer a hassle. These brands have your kids covered for sleep, play, swim and exercise too, ensuring garments are made with care for both people and planet.

Looking for baby clothes? Check out my list of organic cotton and ethically made baby clothes here.

1. BOA Basics

BOA Basics is providing back-to-basics kids wear with an easy-to-coordinate colour palette, giving you a simple take on comfortable streetwear. The brand boats timeless, everyday essentials sized for room to grow and designed to intermix seamlessly into your child’s existing wardrobe. BOA Basics opts for natural fibres in its collections such as Australian grown cotton for its clothing range and 100% ACO Certified Organic cotton jersey for its tees.  The brand’s garments are responsibly made in Australia and ethically accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. 

2. Moosey Moose

Moosey Moose grow romper

The contribution of children’s clothing to the textile waste problem is often overlooked when it comes to sustainable fashion – yet most children grow by seven sizes in their first two years. Moosey Moose’s grow romper is the answer to this problem. The brand’s designed a sustainable clothing range for children that grows up to five sizes and lasts little ones a whopping three times longer than traditional clothing. Moosey Moose’s garments are ethically made in Australia from soft, bamboo fabric.

3. Hendrik Clothing Co

Hendrik Clothing Co
Ethically made on the Sunshine Coast, Hendrik Clothing Co makes minimalist girls clothes that you and your tweens will both love. The designer says it was specifically made for girls aged 7 and 16 who find it hard to find clothes they feel good in. The brand’s values are based on slowing down and breathing in deep. “We believe in consuming less and choosing quality over quantity.” Shop for tween style you won’t have to argue about.

4. Dovey Nero

Dovey Nero specialises in unique hand-made clothing for little humans. The brand boasts super cute patchwork garments and fun upcycled tie-dyed pieces at a super affordable price point, with a focus on sustainability in production. The Dovey Nero garments are expertly crafted by a loving grandma in Melbourne.

5. Gather and Moss

Gather and Moss

Gather and Moss makes organic cotton kids sleepwear in sizes 1-10. The garments are all GOTS-certified organic cotton and ethically made here in Australia. The designer says: “When I snuggle my kids up after their bath and put them in their pj’s, I don’t want those pyjamas to be made at the expense of someone else’s children.” Hear hear!  Shop for super cute sets and nighties for boys, girls and babies.

6. Cliveden Collection

The designers behind Cliveden say they love creating elegant and comfortable sleepwear which doesn’t just look and feel great for the wearer – but is safe for you and the planet. For this reason, they opt for organic cotton to make their sleepwear (sets and nighties for women, kids and babies) which is ethically made here in Australia (Western Australia to be specific.)

7. Aster & Oak

Aster & Oak kidswear

Aster & Oak is a Western Australia based children’s clothing label that offers a unique range of certified organic clothing. The brand is an advocate for fair trade and is committed to ensuring its baby and children’s clothing are genuine fair trade products. As such, Aster & Oak says the brand only partners with organisations that provide fair and safe working conditions meaning that their workers can care for themselves, their families, and their communities. The garments are made with GOTS Certified 100% organic cotton, and dyed with GOTS certified vegetable dyes or non-toxic synthetic dyes. Learn more about Aster & Oak here.

8. Daughter

Born on the shores of Byron Bay, this Aussie kids brand focuses on femininity with its classic and effortlessly wearable trans-seasonal pieces. Designed with longevity in mind, the pieces covers baby to kids size 14 and are made to look great today and for years to come thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics, classic silhouettes and sustainable production processes.

9. Lily and Lord

Lily and Lord

This Brisbane-based label makes beautiful pieces for young boys and girls including tops, bottoms and some very cute dresses. The garments are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and are ethically made in Brisbane. Founder Evelyn Leow says, “As a mother of two, I just want the best for my kids. I believe the clothes they wear should be comfortable and breathable, and not be harmful to their health or the environment. Most importantly, they are happy with what they wear.”

10. Woolerina

Australian owned and made Woolerina has all of your kids’ winter staples sorted. The brand’s merino comes from non-mulesed sheep, that grow their fleeces in the best living conditions. The kids’ range includes a bunch of tops, bottoms, socks and accessories including an undyed merino collection for sensitive skin types.

11. Pink Punk

Pink Punk kids clothes

Gold Coast brand Pink Punk has got your girls covered for swim and other activities. The range for girls includes sizes 4-12 and features a cute collection of girls’ activewear. The Pink Punk garments are all ethically made in Australia and often made to order to help reduce waste. Shop for swimwear and activewear in pretty prints.

12. Golden The Label 

Golden The Label makes adorable girls’ clothing in size 0-8. The garments are a range of summer-inspired pieces in linen and feature shell buttons. Golden The Label says its garments are made “in accordance to both ethical and sustainable practices.” They claim that their artisans and makers are paid fairly, and work under humane working conditions which includes working a maximum of 8 hours a day (which is inclusive of 2 lunch breaks), 5 days a week. The brand also makes efforts to reduce waste at each stage of production.

13. Etiko

Australian ethical fashion pioneers Etiko make a range of kids basic t-shirts in Fairtrade and GOTS-certified organic cotton. The brand also makes some sweet kicks for your kids too. Etiko is certified B Corp.

14. Avalon Swim Co

Manly-based brand Avalon Swim Co makes adorable kids wetsuits from natural, plant-based rubber. The kids wetsuits are made from a fabric derived from FSC-approved and sourced Hevea tree, offering an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Avalon Swim Co uses compostable packaging for their products, further reducing their environmental impact, and is committed to donating 1% of the brand’s revenue to the Ocean Clean Up Project, contributing to the preservation and restoration of our marine ecosystems.

Bonus: Swap Up

Avoid buying new altogether to reduce your impact with Swap Up. Swap Up is an online consignment and thrift store covering women’s and kids’ clothes. The kids range includes garments for babies 0-2 and kids 3-12. Shop by garment and sell your seconds through the platform once the kids have grown out of them. It’s all circular, baby.