A student budget, the gift of her aunty’s 30-year-old sewing machine and clothes that just never really fit correctly were the catalysts that led Shyanne Mirabelli to start By Shyanne the Label back in 2016.

With no formal training in sewing or fashion it was pure determination that led Shyanne down her fashion label path. Teaching herself how to sew, she made clothes purely for herself and it was through Instagram that she caught the attention of her friends who soon wanted her pieces for themselves.

Each and every one of the By Shyanne the Label garments are made by Shyanne in her Brisbane studio.

“So much time and care is put into each piece, I really do take so much pride in my work,” Shyanne says.

With fabrics being the main source of inspiration behind her collections she makes it her mission to find and fall in love with fabrics that are both sustainable and uniquely stunning.

“There’s so many different materials on the market, the first thing I look for is practicality. People want quality but also convenience, so I always go for fabrics that can go without an iron or don’t require dry cleaning.

“As a brand that provides resort vibes year-round it makes sense to choose fabrics that will hold up in your suitcase.”

Secondly, she usually goes for natural fibres due to their longevity and breathability.

“Linen is definitely my go-to,” she says.

Shyanne prides herself on being a slow fashion Australian label and her made-to-order business model reflects this.

“I always design our pattern pieces so that I can get the most out of the fabric for minimal wastage.

“On an average week, I fill one large plastic container with scraps, which I think is a pretty damn good effort.”

From these scraps she uses as much as possible within the label itself on garment details and accessories such as hair scrunchies. Anything left over is recycled.

“I also use sustainable and minimal packaging, including organically made labels.”

All of the By Shyanne the Label courier satchels are certified home compostable and the garments are packaged without plastic.

“During the day-to-day running of the business I try to work with natural lighting, my team and I work online only wherever possible and any other office supplies we recycle if we can.

“We also try to do everything business related locally to minimise our travel as much as possible.”

When first starting By Shyanne the Label the target market were girls aged 14-18. Nowadays the target market has evolved to ladies anywhere from 18-28. But Shyanne adds: “We aren’t exclusive and will happily design and cater for anyone and everyone.

“In the past 12 months we have evolved our products and begun using more prestigious materials to open up to a wider age group who is willing to spend money on the slow fashion industry.

“We are aiming for shoppers who want to support and invest in slow fashion.

By Shyanne the Label

“I love being a small Australian business and I try to support as many local brands as I can with both By Shyanne the Label and personally.

“We are growing so quickly and learning a lot along the way and will continue to implement strategies that will align with our ethical priorities through our expansion.”

Find out more and shop By Shyanne the Label here.