A sartorial sabbatical for designer Amanda Farncomb may well be one of the best decisions she’s ever made. After taking up a course in Textile Design at RMIT, Amanda went on to win the Frankie magazine Good Stuff Award for Fashion. Soon after she launched Farn – an ethically made Melbourne label with sustainability at its center. Here, Amanda shares her inspiration for the label, and the values she’s embedded in the brand from the get-go.

Q. What inspired you to start Farn?

A. Farn was founded earlier this year shortly after winning the Frankie magazine Good Stuff Award for Fashion in April. I had finished my studies at RMIT the previous year and kept the momentum going by completing a business plan and applying for a debut stall at Finders Keepers Melbourne in July. The market was the best thing I could have done, it was a great opportunity to launch the brand, chat to customers and test the waters with minimal investment.

Where are the Farn clothes made?

Farn is still only four months old and was born out of my love for colour and print but is also founded on my values of transparency and sustainability in my supply chain and having a formative relationship with my suppliers and makers.

Farn is designed, printed and made in Collingwood Melbourne, all within a 1km radius of my studio. I design the prints and ranges as well as the pattern making and sampling and work closely with one screen printer and one maker who help me bring everything together.

What kind of textiles do you use and why did you choose them?

My ranges consist mainly of linen and linen blends. Linen is one of the more sustainable fibre options in the fashion industry, where all parts of the plant are utilised and it uses a fraction of the water consumption of cotton. Linen also ages beautifully and only gets more comfortable and softer with wear.

My prints are all hand screen printed using solvent free, water based pigments that are environmentally friendly.


Do you do anything to reduce waste in the production of the clothing?

The biggest waste at the moment is the offcuts of excess fabric from production. They are too small for me to reuse in a collection but big enough for small craft projects so I’ve been donating these to friends who have made some amazing things from quilt squares, patchwork bags and bunting!

I only order enough fabric for a dedicated print run which is based on demand so my runs are limited and only available for the season.

Who are the Farn designs for?

My main target are lovers of unique prints. They come from all ages and places, but they all value Australian made with a soft spot for Australiana.

My two hero prints this season are Flora and Fauna and can be worn as a bold fitted jumpsuit for a special occasion or worn as a top over high waisted pants into the office. All items are sampled, tried and tested before going into production to insure the fit and make will look amazing now and well into the future.

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