The average cotton T-shirt takes about 2700 litres of water to produce (some 38 bathtubs full). But one Australian brand is on a mission to change that – having already managed to get the water required in production of its attire down to less than 1% of that number, as well as eliminating harmful chemicals and pesticides from the process as well.

Graham Ross is the founder of Kusaga Athletic – an Australian eco activewear brand. His curiosity towards sustainable fashion was sparked one day when he was going through the countless number of free T-shirts he had accumulated from running marathons around the world. He wanted to know the impact these T-shirts had had on the planet and with a bit of investigating (checking shirt labels, searching for the fabrics, what they’re made from and the production process), he found out. Listen to Graham’s story below and find out more about Kusaga Athletic.

Kusaga Athletic is working out of Queensland University of Technology Creative Enterprise Australia as part of the Advance Queensland HotdesQ program. Find out more about QUTCEA