Meet Edda Hamar – a sustainable fashion guru, social entrepreneur and all-round incredible person. One of Edda’s first gigs was Brisbane’s epic Undress Runway event, and she now heads up Lána – a platform that offers curated maternity fashion for purchase or rent. Here, Edda shares her fashion consumption habits, and a sneak peek inside her wardrobe.

Explain your wardrobe 

My wardrobe is is a mix of ethical labels and pieces I’ve collected from my friend’s wardrobes (haha). I’m excited by colours and comfort.

What is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe? 

I have a navy shirt dress from local bamboo label, The Great Beyond. Their clothes are OEKO Tex certified and their fabric production team uses the closed loop system when creating their bamboo fabrics. I love this piece as I can wear it by itself, open over another dress or tied around my waist.

What is the oldest thing in your wardrobe? 

My white, 80s, aprés ski jacket! It was originally purchased in the 80s by a lovely lady from Indooroopilly. It’s one of my favourite pieces haha.

What is your most loved accessory? 

My Lána earrings. Check them out.

At what age do you think you cemented your style? 

I don’t think my style is cemented, it changes a little every year, as I do. I’ve always loved matching sets and comfort is key!

What’s your number one tip for building a sustainable wardrobe? 

Don’t buy if you don’t need to, borrow or rent first.