Sustainable fashion advocate Leah Musch is known for her public transition to sustainable consumption, and her incredible op-shopped and upcycled wardrobe. As a design student she’s at the forefront of the ever-changing fashion industry and with her own wardrobe, balances a bunch of on trend and classic pieces. Leah lets us in on the ways of her wardrobe below.

Explain your wardrobe

My wardrobe is a total mix of styles, with about 80% of it sourced from op shops, clothing swaps, markets or very special ethical + sustainable brands that I love. There’s a little chunk of goodies I’ve had since BFE* that I can’t let go of because they are serious wardrobe staples. (*Before Fashion Epiphany, when I realised what a demon fast fashion actually is)

What is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe? 

I have the most beautiful pair of sand-washed silk pants. They can be really dressy with a fancy shirt half tucked in, or super casual with my favourite snuggly jumper. No matter what, they just look damn good.

What is the oldest thing in your wardrobe? 

I have a t-shirt that’s literally 11 years old and falling into rags that I still wear as pyjamas because nothing in the world is softer. Pretty sure a boob falls out every time I wear it because it’s coming apart but I can’t part with it just yet (it doesn’t have long)

What is your most loved accessory?

My engagement ring. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but if I forget to put it on I automatically go to fiddle around with it and it’s always weird when it’s not there.

At what age do you think you cemented your style? 

Grade 2. Going into the school disco in a matching faux leopard print top and skirt. That was when I realised the power clothes had to turn you into a rock star.

What’s your number one tip for building a sustainable wardrobe? 

Don’t shop in fast fashion stores, second hand first.
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