Brisbane resort label Tengdahl front woman Julie Tengdahl opts for a classic and elegant style. The founder and designer is passionate about slow fashion and on shore production and has committed to keeping her business small to ensure sustainability. Julie shares her secrets to keeping a classic wardrobe below.

Explain your wardrobe

It’s important to be authentic, feel comfortable , be yourself and embrace your unique you. The clothes we choose to wear everyday should mirror our values, lifestyle and the true you. My wardrobe is a mixture of classic, simple, feminine pieces with a twist of fun and adventure. I only buy items that make me feel beautiful, comfortable and I always dress to please myself.

What is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

How could anyone live without a classic pair of beautifully cut black pants.

What is the oldest thing in your wardrobe?

A black French lace classic shirt I made at design college when I was 18 years old… That makes the shirt 37 years old. Timeless, ageless and lots of wonderful memories when wearing it.

What is your most loved accessory?

Shoes are one of my passions so my most treasured accessory would have be a vintage pair of white and tan Louis Vuitton wedge shoes I bought in Milano in 1996 on a fabric buying trip.

At what age do you think you cemented your style?

I am evolving, transforming and learning every day so my style is changing and evolving with me. I am  a lot more confident with the person I have grown into to and I love working on the new me everyday.

So the answer is, as my life keeps changing so does my style.

What’s your number one tip for building a sustainable wardrobe?

Buy natural fibres. They not only feel and look amazing they break down into our soil when we finish wearing and loving them.