The sustainable men’s fashion industry is growing. Brands such as Outland Denim are committing to ethical production and environmentally friendly practices at every level of the supply chain. Local labels like Citizen Wolf are creating a new type of trend with sustainably made custom casual wear. As the demand for these goods increases, the options are catching up to meet it. From social enterprise labels to First Nations designs – here are my picks for the best ethically and sustainably made menswear in Australia.

1. Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf

Forget tailored suits, Citizen Wolf makes tailored T-shirts so you can feel #spesh all the time. The brand takes your weight, height and date of birth to create your magic fit, before laser cutting the fabric of your choice, and sewing it in Sydney. You can choose your favourite cut, colour and fabric, and then customise as you wish (ie. add a pocket). It is truly the best fitting T-shirt you’ll ever have and potentially the only one you’ll need too – because if anything happens to your shirt, the team at CW will mend it for you. #LikeAWolf

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2. Patagonia


Photo by Austin Siadak

We’re in business to save our home planet – that has been Patagonia’s brand purpose since 2018. A global leader in sustainability and transparency, the brand also makes commitment to ethical production through its certification programs such as B Corp, Fair Trade and 1% for the Planet. Patagonia values transparency and lists where each of its products are made on its website, as well as how they’re making the product more sustainable through better fabric, dye and finishing choices. Shop for all things outdoor and casual wear.

3. Rupahaus


Perth-based slow fashion label RŪPAHAUS makes sweet threads, suitable for summer. The brand’s use of organic fibres and natural dyes make the pieces unique in their appearance (keeping the colours earthy) with the prints adding a retro edge. The RŪPAHAUS collections are ethically made in Indonesia, in small batches to keep control of the supply chain.

4. Windsor Lane

Windsor Lane
Melbourne-made menswear label Windsor Lane thinks that men should not be limited by out-dated ideas of masculinity and should be free to express themselves with colour and pattern. It suggests cheekily, “Women shouldn’t have all the fun.” I tend to agree with it, and not just because the brand is serious about sustainability, keeping its production in Australia and fabrics made from natural fibres. The range includes short and long sleeve button up cotton shirts, neck and bow ties, and pocket squares.

5. PapaDrew

Papa Drew Shirt

PapaDrew produces 70s-inspired button-up shirts in West End, Brisbane. The designer and maker behind the brand is Andrew Carpenter, who started off as a cutter in a clothing factory when he was 18 and says he still uses a pair of 150-year-old Heinisch tailor’s shears. His original PapaDrew short sleeve shirts are made from reclaimed vintage and salvaged fabrics (found by Andrew), so no two shirts are the same. The upcycled prints range from retro to floral to novelty.

6. Magpie Goose

Magpie Goose Artist

Magpie Goose works with indigenous artists in rural communities to collaborate on designs and print screen their colourful clothing. The label is a profit-for-purpose/social enterprise that helps to illuminate opportunities and pathways for Aboriginal people living in remote Australia. The brand’s collections include a range of modestly cut A-line skirts, dresses, shorts and tops, in the wonderful bright and bold colours and prints designed by the artists in the communities. The Magpie Goose clothes are made in Australia by Sphinx – an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited manufacturing business.

7. HoMie

HoMie pink track suits

HoMie is a social enterprise and unisex streetwear label for young people. The brand name is an acronym for Homelessness of Melbourne incorporated enterprise – as they use 100 per cent of their profits to support young people facing homelessness in Melbourne. HoMie values transparency and up-cycles preloved items to reduce the environmental impact of their garments. As a bonus, a part of HoMie’s production is done in Australia.

8. Outland Denim

Outland Denim has ethical production at its core. The brand was set up to help stop human trafficking in Cambodia by giving vulnerable women and those saved from the sex industry a place to develop skills and secure a sustainable career path. Outland Denim is committed to sourcing ethically and environmentally sound raw materials, from organic cotton pocket linings to recycled packaging. The brand says its jeans are “made different” not only because of how they are made, with fine attention to detail, but because every pair can help change someone’s life.

9. Neuw Denim

Neuw Denim

Sydney-based brand Neuw is producing its denim with the environment in mind. The brand has released a line of denim that boasts zero water wastage, zero chemical distressing and zero washing waste as it moves towards a circular fashion model.  Neuw opts for Australian-grown cotton in its denim, which is great because Australian cotton is some of the most water-use efficient cotton in the world and has yields three times the world average. Neuw Denim works with a small selection of factories is actively mapping its supply chain to gain further visibility of its production. Shop for all your men’s and women’s denim essentials.

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10. Tri Colour Federation

Tri Colour Federation denim

Melbourne-based label Tri Colour Federation produces a range of high quality denim products with a focus on bespoke and timeless design. The brand partners with a denim manufacturer based in Turkey that works to create denim with minimal environmental impact. To do so,  the denim blends are made from a range of certified organic cotton, recycled PET and elastane, and the factory actively manages and reduces its use of water, chemical and energy to reduce environmental impact. The Tri Colour Federation pieces are all made in Australia.

11. Denimsmith

Denimsmith launched in 2015 as a “collaborative vision of veteran Australian designers and makers who are committed to the ethical production of high quality denim clothing.” With over two decades of denim expertise enriching every piece, Denimsmith says it takes locally-made to a whole new level and is proudly accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. Each Denimsmith item comes directly from their Melbourne makers’ skilled hands and hearts. The brand boasts a classic collection of jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts and other apparel for men and women  made from quality materials.

12. Spunky Bruiser

No mass production here, friends. Spunky Bruiser sports unique Australian fashion, tailored to individual requirements. Their small team hand-makes everything ethically in New South Wales from sustainable, upcycled materials sourced within Australia. Keeping it all made to order also means they’re able to significantly lower the waste they produce. Spunky Bruiser says it designs to your style and in timeless, comfortable cuts further minimising the brand’s environmental impact. The result is some epic ’90s-inspired upcycled fashion that’s anything but fast.

13. Hemp Clothing Australia

You’ll find timeless, transeasonal pieces at Hemp Clothing Australia: a classic tee, a crisp shirt, well-fitting pants. This label boasts a great men’s range along with socks and bed linen. There’s also an artist range of naturally dyed tees. But arguably most interesting is the label’s school uniform project, which aims to swap synthetic fabrics for natural hemp polos.

Read more about hemp here. 

14. Woolerina

Australian owned and made Woolerina has all of your winter staples sorted. The brand’s merino comes from non-mulesed sheep, that grow their fleeces in the best living conditions. A merino long sleeve tee is a must have staple for winter so I suggest getting one you love and that will last. Shop for men’s tops, bottoms, jumpers and accessories.

15. Bassike


Designer basics label Bassike brings refined and long lasting classics to the mix. If you find yourself reaching for the same T-shirt and shorts every odd day, and love a comfortable ‘fit, this is the brand for you. The vast majority of the Bassike garments are ethically made in Australia and The brand opts for environmentally sustainability materials such as GOTS-certified organic soon. The guys range includes shirts and shorts, tanks, winter wear, denim and accessories.

16. Kusaga Athletic

Kusaga Athletic makes future fabrics and is the brand behind the world’s greenest T-shirt – made with less than 1% of the water than it takes to make your average cotton T-shirt. Its activewear range is all ethically produced and made to last, and its greenest T-shirts do not retain odour so they’re perfect for an active man.

17. ZONE by Lydia

Zone by Lydia

ZONE by Lydia, a brand by Olympic champion turned eco-warrior Lydia Lassila, takes a holistic approach to all things wellness and sustainability. Its hemp apparel range encompasses comfort, style and inclusivity with gender neutral and timeless designs. The collection features hoodies, tees, tanks, track pants and bike shorts.

18. Sunrise at Bondi

Sydney label Sunrise at Bondi makes mens briefs, jammers and compression leggings. All of its swimwear is designed and made in Australia using sustainable techno-fabric that is 100% regenerated from post-consumer materials. This is a process that takes waste from around the globe such as fishing nets and old carpets and re-manufactures it into premium quality recycled yarn.  A win for the ocean, and a win for us!

19. Allbirds

Allbirds shoes“The world’s most comfortable shoes” are made in New Zealand, so it’s only fitting that they’re made from the finest Merino wool. The Allbirds’ founders say they have created an entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, simplicity in design and extreme comfort. The brand is B-Corp certified, and uses 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard that for its packaging.

20. R.M Williams

Even though R.M Williams is no longer an Australian owned company, the majority of the footwear is still ethically handmade in Adelaide. The leather goods have retained their quality despite the company changing hands, making the products a true investment. And before you scoff at the $500 price tag, remember that a hand crafted pair of shoes takes almost a day to make, plus quality materials, and many, many overheads. The brand also offers repairs on worn and damaged boots for a fraction of the cost – replacing the heel and sole after years of use.

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