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Keen to fill your wardrobe with more sustainable staples? These Australian and New Zealand brands have got the basics covered – making quality men’s underwear with sustainable fabrics.  These are your go-to brands for when your jocks drawer is looking dull.



Thunderpants is a family-owned and operated company, based in the Wairarapa region in NZ, producing quality men’s, women’s and kids’ underwear. The brand’s undergarments are made from soft and sturdy organic and Fairtrade cotton that can be sure to withstand the test of time. Thunderpants’ range of jocks, boxes and socks come in fun prints and patterns. Add a bit of lightening to your jocks draw.

Mighty Good Undies

Mighty Good Undies

This brand believes your underwear shouldn’t cost less than your latte – because if they do, you can be sure they’re costing someone. That’s why they partner with the world’s best ethical factories and source the finest organic and Fairtrade cotton. The underwear is a range of trunks, briefs and boxers in white, grey, charcoal and black. You’ll feel mighty good wearing these undies.


Wonderpants opts for natural fibres such as organic cotton and merino wool for its range of underwear that is all ethically made here in Aus. The brand’s undergarments are made entirely from the same fabric – no elastic, no binding, no part tight or uncomfortable. They say that the bands around the waist and leg allow for comfort and ease, whilst maintaining stability and security. Stop wondering and see for yourself. Wonderpants come in blaze red, black, grey, charcoal and yellow.

The Road

The Road produces a range of sustainable basics including men’s basic T-shirts and underwear. All of their garments are made from sustainably sourced cotton from GOTS- and Fairtrade-certified farms and mills and dyed using a zero liquid discharge system to stop wastewater run-off. Shop for men’s trunks in black and black and white stripes.


Victoria-based brand Etiko sources its range of men’s underwear from a factory in India that is certified by Fair Trade USA to meet standards for labour rights, worker democracy and environmental performance. The factory demonstrates that it pays a living wage to its employees. The comfy trunks are made from Fairtrade and organic cotton. Etiko is certified B-Corp.


Bhumi makes men’s briefs, boxes, trunks and long johns in earthy colours. The undergarments are made from GOTS-certified and Fairtrade cotton. Bhumi is also certified by Fairtrade Australia which ensures a respect for the social, economic and labour rights of farmers and workers along the entire supply chain. Fairtrade Australia also encourages sustainable farming practices, protects the environment and improves the quality of health and well being for farmers and workers. A win for workers and a win for your underwear drawer.

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