Update: Lela Lingerie has since stopped production.

Made in Sydney to be worn down under, Lela Lingerie creates comfortable cotton intimates that make conscious consumption look chic.

After realising that the majority of bras available were made from synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester, Lela Lingerie founder Felicity leraci took it upon herself to create a primarily natural alternative. 

“My personal experience with bra shopping was one of constant disappointment,” she says. “They never looked or felt how I wanted and the only wire-free options offered were often heavily padded or completely unstructured and unflattering. There were limited choices in any fabric other than polyester and nylon, which we now know is littering the ocean with microplastics when we wash them.

Lela Lingerie pink set

“Lela Lingerie was born from a desire to create a bralette that was comfortable, practical and stylish. The kind of piece that you reach for in your wardrobe time and time again.

“We focus on seasonless styles that are designed to sit comfortably and stylishly under most outfits. To keep you comfortable all day long, our bralettes include a supportive, fabric-wrapped underband; the cups are made from a doubler layer of fabric, providing great coverage; and the adjustable straps and back clasp allows for practicality and functionality.”

The Lela Lingerie garments are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and made of organic cotton, making them good for the environment and good for you. 

“All of our pieces are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, a truly sustainable natural material which has been grown in Turkey and knitted in Portugal,” Felicity says.

“This certification means we know that no pesticides, insecticides or toxic chemicals have been used to grow the cotton. This is crucial to the health of the farmers and the surrounding environment.

Lela Lingerie red set

“Wearing organic cotton underwear is also very important as it is a breathable fibre that is cooling, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. Synthetic materials like nylon, polyester and spandex are known to trap heat and moisture.

“Our cotton is also very durable, making it a great choice if you’re looking to reduce the amount of products you buy.”

Keeping production in Australia was essential to Felicity to remain in line with the brand’s ethical and eco-conscious values. 

“I design all of the garments, which are then manufactured locally in Sydney,” she says. “This allows for easy communication with the manufacturers and gives us the ability to visit the factory at any time.

“We like to support the manufacturing industry in Australia and I can ensure the workers are paid above award wage, have safety standards in place and work 7.5 hours a day with 3 breaks, alongside other benefits.

“Ethical treatment of staff is of utmost important to us and manufacturing locally also allows for smaller runs to be created as needed, reducing overproduction.”

Lela Lingerie also focuses on low impact designs.

“We focus on low impact throughout the entire process,” Felicity says, “from our physical products themselves to how we receive our garments from our manufacturer and how we deliver them to our customers. 

“We choose to not include unnecessary plastic or swing tags and opt for cardboard boxes or cornstarch-based biodegradable parcels.”

“Our range is created for people who care about sustainability and the ethical creation of clothing, and for those who want pieces that are not your typical basics. With every design, we hope that they will be our customers’ most reached-for pieces because they value comfort and quality.” 

This article was produced in partnership with Lela Lingerie.